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I am looking into buying a water cooler for my new X4 965BE . I was checking out the Corsair H-70 but, this cooler has mixed reviews. I have a Great Air Cooler with outstanding TIM. I want to achieve a stable and cool 4.0GHz with this CPU. Is 4.0 GHz even possible? As I see, most people going 3.8GHz on here. Which H2O unit would be the best with a $150.00 budget? Sorry my query is all over the place :pt1cable:
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    XSPC Rasa is the only thing under $150 I recommend.

    If you have a great air cooler, might work fine for you unless you are determined to go to water.

    XSPC Rasa > H70 @ similar price points.
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  3. Make sure if you go the route of the Rasa to see if there is the mounting options you'll need. ...Not sure if it includes it...I don't recall.
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