DVD DISK WILL NOT FORMAT It proceeds as thogh it's going to, then at the final stage I get a message that it has not succesfully fomatted. I want it to back-up on. I am using 'Vista Home Premium' the device manager lists the dvd as 'ATAPI A DVD DH16A1L ATA DEVICE' I think it a Samsung re-writable DVD player. It will play a movie alright, but I cannot back up to it. I have tried another disk!
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  1. is it dvd-rewritable media?
  2. The DVD hardware unit is RW, but the disks I am using are DVD+R. (Memorex) :)
  3. Then you cannot format/reformat them.

    If the disk is unused, you just put into the drive and write to it. There's no formatting involved.
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