Max transfer rates with raid controller

First of all, I'm no expert in this.

I'm trying to figure out which controller I should buy to make a raid 0 with four C300, to make sure that I wont hit a controller cap, if the discs can run even faster.

As I have been told the interface times 250 gives the maximal transfer rate, e.g. PCI-Express x4 would give 4*250Mb/s=1000Mb/s. But does this mean that PCI-Express 2.0 would equal a transfer rate of 2*4*250Mb/s=2000Mb/s?

If I'm missing something here please let me know.
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  1. Are there two questions here? One is a good controller to use; the other is how many PCI-E lanes that controller should have?

    You can go from the simple and inexpensive (some motherboards will do Raid0 using the CPU) to the fabulously expensive, such as this:

    for about $1,215 plus tax. What processor / motherboard / os are you using? Are you planning to boot from this fragile Raid0 monster, or use it for data? How good are your backup plans?
  2. Onboard RAID0 with Intel chipset RAID works better than most cheap add-on controllers (FakeRAID).

    PCI-express 1.0 = 250MB/s per lane
    PCI-express 2.0 = 500MB/s per lane
    PCI-express 3.0 = 1000MB/s per lane

    So PCI-express 2.0 x4 would have the same bandwidth as PCI-express 1.0 x8; 4GB/s. Note that this bandwidth is full-duplex; meaning 4GB/s in and 4GB/s out; 8GB/s total.

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