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what is the max vcore for running 24/7 i have in mind that i want to go 4,1-4,2 but gatte go to 6-6,5 to reach it :sol:
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  1. ONE MILLIONSSSZZZ1!!!!11one


    Seriously tho, you should probably list your CPU at the very least.

    And uh... "gatte go 6-6.5 to reach it" meaning... 6-6.5 Volts? Really? You've actually tried that? I hope I'm misunderstanding...
  2. cpu amd 955 be
  3. it is an amd phenom 995 be
  4. 995be ? max vcore depend on System : mobo, PSU & HSF *
    for generally not extreme :
    4Ghz vcore = 1.424~1.44 V
    4.2 Ghz vcore 1.48 above

    check this :,7747.html
    world record 955BE & how high vcore ?
  5. thanks but i can´t get it stable at these volt i got a crosshair motherboard and a 750w psu, hsf????

    i must go to 1,525v :heink:
  6. How seeting ratio & voltage RAM ?
    are AMD turbocore, Cool n quite, C1E disabled... ?
  7. What are your temp?, list your mobo, RAM, cooler and CPU revision.
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