Ati HD 2900 gt 512 vs AMD HD 4770

one question. Is it worth it?

Some more info. I would be upgrading with a view to going crossfire when a FPS. I like comes out my monitors resolution is 1440x900.
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  1. First: What is the rest of your spec?
    Toms has just released an article on the 4770 in Crossfire which includes benchmarks for both single and dual cards (obviously dual;)). Read it and be amazed.
    As a single card upgrde it sounds like a good idea and would give your games a good boost without being too expensive.
    As an idea, look here:,review-31554-6.html

    The 4770 is not listed because it was released after this chart was compiled but slots in just under the 4850.
  2. The 4770 is a great card. Consumes very little power, perfoms very close to the 4850 and overclocks like mad.

    imho its worth the upgrade
  3. It is the best value upgrade you can get, and far more powerful than a 2900.. is it worth it? Well that depends on what games you play and at what settings you WANT to play at.
  4. It'll be a major upgrade from a 2900GT, much better performance and power efficiency.
  5. 4770 has better power efficiency, draw less power, and it will improve frame rates by a good amount.
  6. +1 for the HD4770...
  7. Yep, you'll see a good improvement, especially when using AA.
  8. Same rule for HD2900XT -> Hd4770 ?
    and eventually HD4770 in CF, which is surely better as the HD2900XT
  9. Yep, the 4770 is just a hair slower than the 4850 (it is on the 40nm process and has less shaders, but they are clocked higher so the 4770 is only a hair behind in the end) so it will be a large improvement over a 2900XT.

    And also, you will love the power (and heat) difference. Going from my 2900XT (which is what, 200+ watts?) to a 4850 (110W) made my comp so much cooler and happier. A 4770 only consumes in the 80W (or less, I'm not sure) range.
  10. Its amazing how tech changes. 2900 was a powerful card with a huge power consumption. Now we have a card 4770 which is faster with much less needed power.
  11. Yeah, its awesome. I thought the 4850 was as good as it was going to get for this gen, but obviously not. Now if only ATI could work out their idle power consumption (does the 4770 do significantly better at this?).
  12. I think ATI is now more focused on the mainstream.. but I'm not sure about that.
    Nvidia and Ati have fought for years now, Nvidia leading in more FPS and Ati with very awesome price / preformance ratio. ( Inmy opinion :d )

    I'm happy though when I get my HD4770, because my pc now tends to act like a microwave...
  13. Yeah, back when I had my 2900 I just left the case side off and had a 8in fan blowing right in the side. It was the only way I could keep components around it nice and cool.
  14. The 2900 512mb was about the same as an 8800 GTS 640mb, maybe a bit better. The 2900 1GB GDDR4 was much faster at a little under the performance of an 8800 GTX, which is about the same as a 4770.
  15. The 2900 will play any game out right now and supports DX10. I would wait until a DX11 card comes out seeing as your card will still play the newest games at medium to high settings. No reason to blow that kind of money for a minor increase in performance when newer better things are only a few months away!
  16. Well the Hd2900XT is sure aging, you see that in games like Supreme commander, stuff just gets too much for it, especially when I have the time >:D ( Hooray, 100 fatboys! ). And I bought it for 60,- euros lmao, so the upgrade wont be wasting money.
  17. It's a 2900GT according to the OP, not an XT. This was a cut down card with only 240 stream processors, 256bit bus and 256MB of memory. It was basically ATI trying to get rid of any busted HD2900XTs, reviews ripped it to shreds because of really sad performance and high power consumption.

    Even a HD4670 would be a decent upgrade.
  18. Yeah the 2900 XT 1GB GDDR4 was a good card that actually beat the 8800 GTX sometimes after better drivers came out, which sadly was after anyone cared. I know someone with 2 of those in crossfire and has been happy since, and yes they are watercooled.
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