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Whats the difference between the Intel Celeron and Intel 2 Duo Core?
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  1. Use common sense: what do you think is the difference? Just to be sure, if you' re looking to buy a PC, get one with an Intel Core Duo Core.
  2. Google. Then if you do not understand the answer, ask.
  3. Celeron are old and outdated.They are suitable for low end machines with low budget.They are good for surfing,music and all basic task.

    Core duo's or Core 2 duo's are faster than celeron's. They are good enohg for moderate gaming and processor demanding tasks.

    I would suggest you a Core Duo.
  4. Celeron... Piece of trash! If Core 2 is a brand new latest Ferrari, then a Celeron is a rotten wheel of an 100 years old bike.
  5. not quite... celerons are usualy watered down versions of the high-entry level to mainstream CPUs, and by watered down, i mean seriously watered down, and by that i mean good for word processing...

    Celerons are cheap because they usualy have about a "1/20" of the perfomance of there bigger brothers, and im being generous with the "1/20"...

    Its a buget solution for a reason...
  6. Celeron is classed as a budget chip, single cpu core.
    Often with less cache on the cpu die.

    While a core 2 Duo has two cpu cores.
    And there is more Cache on the cpu die.
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