I would like to see a comparison between galaxy, evga, sparkle, and palit, GTX 285 2gig.

Also, I would like it tested on GTAIV at max settings compared to some other cards in that range.

Maybe test against the 1 gig ver. ?

And, just for funsake, how about do a test versus an 8800gtx, I know it's a dinasour, but I am interested in how it would compare against the first directX 10 card...

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More about 2gig review benchmarks please
  1. Google?

    2gig will net you between -1 and 1% increase over a 1gig card. Perhaps a 2-3% increase at 2400*1900ish..
  2. nope, not interested, 2GB over 1GB has nearly no real world benefit
  3. You just dont need the 2 gig version unless you play @ 2500x1900 res. And as said before, the improvement is going to be in the 2-4%.

    IM playing GTA4 with my GTX285. Texture and others maxed. and i get 50fps AVG. @ 1650x1080
  4. Well, im not really interested in opinions. Looking for some bencharks. Thanks though. I was looking for 1920x1200 all settings max. Hard to believe only 1% to 2% difference when gtaiv considering 50 percent draw distance is the 1 gig mark. Thats why I would like to see some "benchmarks".

    I seen a few benchmarks, but none tested at high res, or max settings, on games that actually use them. I think it would make a difference. But, I would like some real benchmarks cuz I am planning on buying one.
  5. Okay .. It's still an opinion. But my Zotac GTX 280 1GB isn't quite enough to max out GTA 4.. If your like me you are a GTA 4 phreak. With other games like COD W@W and others like that the 2GB would be overkill. With GTA 4 it is a different story. The GTX 280 isn't quite enough. You can max out the shadows but not max out the water. Or max out everything and drop to 800x600. I have an I7 920 GTA 4 (percentage use 30) 6GB Gskill DDR 3 Tripple channel ( GTA 4 usage 40 percent) Video GTX 280 1GB Zotac AMP (GTA 4 usage 99percent) I have no bottleneck on any game except GTA 4.. So , If your like me and love GTA 4 and want to max it out fully.. 2GB of video is a must. I'm going to invest in either the GTX 285 2GB EVGA FTW or if the new GTX 300 * or next series Geforce card to have 2gb of ram.. And yeah .. That's just for GTA 4.. Awesome game.. Totally worth the retail price and upgrade from AMD 6000 and 8800 GTS 640MB.. which ran Gta 4 on medium settings at 1024x768.
  6. Quote:
    nope, not interested, 2GB over 1GB has nearly no real world benefit

    poor threadstarter, the blokes who replied dont understand how VRAM works in GTA4. like the post quoted above. moronic.

    get the 2gb version since you're GTA4 fanatic. and only because you're a gta4 fanatic.
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