I5 760 wont OC at all. Also can't get to bios.

Basically my comp crashes right before getting into the bios to revert settings. I have a very large cpu cooler (V6GT) and used good quality paste. I only tried a modest OC of 3.5 Ghz. Any ideas how to get it to boot and also why my OC is failing.
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  1. Does your motherboard have a reset BIOS button or jumper? Use that to reset your BIOS. Otherwise you could reset the BIOS by removing the CMOS battery and reinstalling it.

    As to your OC being unstable, what were your BIOS settings?
  2. Okay thanks for the replies, good to know for next time. It turns out I left the sticker on the bottom of the heatsink like a retard.
  3. Yeah... that's going to be a problem. lol
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