3TB Hard Drives in the UK?

Does anyone know of a site that sells 3TB hard disks and ships to the UK? Ideally WD Caviars. Everyone seems to still be stuck at 2TB...
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    You didn't mention your OS. Win7 and Vista can't use these as boot drives. XP requires an add in card for these to work and they also can't boot from this size drive.
  2. Well spotted! - Its just for storage as my system drive only has a few hundred gig left. I'm dual booting 64-bit versions of Win7 and Fedora 14. I know win 7 should be able to read and write, just not boot. If fedora can't then I'm sure it will get patched soon enough.

    The drive you linked to looks good to me! - Excellent dabs and lambda-tek sell it in the UK! :sol:

    Edit: Oops, no they don't! Listed on lots of sites but all of them have no stock! :cry:
  3. Looks like its going to be a few weeks/a month before distobution i'm afriad.
  4. Damn, I'd better go easy on what space I have left then. Thanks for comments!
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