Need help with Upgrading system

I was given a computer from a friend which is pretty old.
The motherboard is shot and uses the 939 socket. Since getting an old motherboard cost more then upgrading it, I was hoping to just upgrade it.
I've priced out some things and I'm hoping to just buy a motherboard and cpu and be done with it.

the problem is I'm not sure what my power supply can support and I'm not sure if I will want to have to spend more on a power supply.

Right now I was looking at the
Phenom 9600

Combo, but I'm not sure if my power supply can support it.
I'll be using the onboard video card and will not be adding another card.

The current power supply is a 350W Power Man.
Its has a 12v Rail of 18A
I have a SATA and PATA hard drives
the SATA is a 500GB and the PATA is a 250GB, I'll use whichever one needs less power.
Will that be enough to power the CPU, Motherboard, Hard Drive optical drive, and 1 80mm + 1 120mm fans?
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  1. The cpu and motherboard are a combo.

    Any recommendations on a cheap 500W power supply? Try to stay within $60 if at all possible.
    Maybe this one?
  2. 1) you need ddr2 ram aswell.

    2) for a decent build it will cost $340 ($210 CPU + Mobo, $90 PSU, $40 ram) $300 after rebate.

    the $210 cpu+mobo would be a Phenom II 720 and a 790 chipset motherboard and the PSU would be a corsair 550VX
  3. I have ddr2 ram laying around.
    I just need the PSU, I have everything else.
    You don't have any recommendations for under $60?
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