How do I remove the faceplate from an lg bluray optical drive


can anyone tell me how to get the front bezel/faceplate off my LG Bluray burner? I need to take it off so the unit will line up with the flip down door on my HTPC case. I was able to get the bottom and side snaps (?) loosened but something on the top is holding it on and I don't want to damage the burner by trying to just snap it off.

Any help or instruction will be welcome! :hello:
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    Are you sure you can't just mount the drive a little further back on the rails of the drive bay so that it fits behind the flip-down door?
  2. Thank you for your response sminlal...I really appreciate your suggestion. Due to the way the drive bays are situated the bluray has to sit up against the flip door. However, after mounting it with the the faceplate still attached it got stuck the first couple of times and now seems to work okay. The case I have is the nMediaPc wood case that looks like a 1940s radio. The optical drive and hard drive bays are in a metal frame that sits at the top of the case.

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