Is this PSU powerful enough to handle this upgrade?

I have a Corsair 400W PSU that I am hoping to keep for an upgrade I am doing. Do you think it will be strong enough to power a Q9550 and a 8600GT?

I plan on getting a Corsair 750 when I also purchase my new video card, but I am trying to make the upgrade in pieces.

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  1. Plenty
  2. Ok thanks. I did some more research and it seems like the 8600GT uses a pretty small amount of power (doesn't even use an extra PCI-e power cable). I'll give it a try and upgrade to a bigger PSU when I get my new card (most likely a 4870 1GB)
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    tbh a quality PSU like yours should easily handle a 4870 too

    Q6600 @ 3.6GHz

    ony draws about 260 watts max according to my load monitor
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