Intel core 2 duo e7500 overclocking

ive overclocked my intel c2d e7500 2.9ghz to 3.33ghz without changing the vcore

do i need to change the vcore

and what is vcore?

my current temps

full load: maximum 60c

i am using intel's stock heatsink

all i did is set the asus auto overclock to 15%

sorry really noob at this :)
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  1. The CPU Core Voltage (VCore) is the power supply voltage supplied to the CPU.

    You need to run a CPU stress testing program like Prime95 or OCCT to test for stability and make sure you monitor your temps with a program like Hardware Monitor. I wouldn't let the temps exceed 75C.
  2. If you are using the stock Intel heatsink, do not increase vcore. The stock cooler that comes with the Wolfdales is pretty much adequate for only whatever frequency you can run at the stock voltage.

    Here is a pretty good place to start. It's our generic Core2 guide.
    Core2 Overclocking Guide
  3. I got a Core2Duo E8300 2.83Ghz overclocked to 3.4Ghz on a nvidia 680i mobo. All I did was unlink the RAM and FSB in the advanced chipset features. I set the FSB to 1600, auto voltage everything , set my ddr2 800 to 800, enable the .5 cpu multiplier, disable Intel speed step/TM1-TM2 and any other power saving options. My CPU/FSB ratio is 1:1. Note this may be different settings than other non-nvidia boards. Either way you'll be looking for a way to increase your FSB to 1600mhz and let your ram stay at 800mhz so you'll have a 1:1 ratio. I have my OC'ed E8300@3.4ghz - 4gb ddr2 800 - EVGA650ti SC. I keep this as a legacy machine for my older games. I cannot play many of my new games on it cause of the motherboards max of 4gb of ram. Oh yeah, also running stock heat sink 39c idle and 56c load.
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