Fans on New Rig Are Going NUTS!??

I built a new computer, with a i7 950, Kingwin 850 WATT PSU, 8GB RAM, Gigabyte x58-USB3 Motherboard, and everything was working fine for the past 3 days, but then all of suddenly when I turn it on now, ALL the fans go FULL blast, but not when I turn it on, only once I log into windows, and my screen shows up, the fans go nuts! Could this be a PSU error? But why only when windows logs in? I waited 1 minute, but they didnt slow down..

This includes all fans, the PSU fan, the Case Fans, and the CPU cooler fans, so werid...
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  1. In my asus bois there are settings to adjust fan speed based on temp. One of the settings is to leave the fans on at full speed. See if your bios has a feature like that. Also check your temps to make sure nothing is overheating!!!!! My roommates CPU thermal paste dried up and the fans were at 100%.
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