Please help: Are these compatible?

Hey guys please help me i want to know if these components are compatible or not, and if this is a good build? Please post recommendations to anything you think i should alter, thanks :)
*OVERCLOCKED* AMD Phenom II X3 Tri Core 720 2.8GHz @ 3.5GHz (Skt AM3) / Gigabyte GA-MA790XT-UD4P Motherboard / Corsair 4GB DDR3 XMS3 PC2-1600C9DHX TwinX (2x2GB) Bundle/Arctic Cooling Freezer 64 [...] =FS-002-OB

XFX HD 4850 £100 [...] =GX-127-XF

WD Caviar Black 500GB £52 [...] =HD-245-WD

SH-S223F £17 [...] =CD-099-SA

Vista Home Premium 64-bit OEM £92 [...] =SW-037-MS

Corsair 550VX, 70 pounds [...] =CA-014-CS

Antec 300, 51 pounds [...] =CA-101-AN

Thanks :)
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