Which is better? Higher DRAM or NB Frequency

Which is better to have when Overclocking. A higher NB frequency with a lower DRAM frequency. Or a higher DRAM frequency and a lower NB frequency?

8GB DDR3 1600 Mhz
ATI 5850
2/ 1 TB raid config

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  1. Here is the next upwards overclock I have achieved.
    its actually 3.8 Ghz but Cpu-z is not showing it as such
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    DRAM and NB frequencies have very little impact on performance in real world application, so go for which ever gives you the best OC on your CPU.
  3. yes,hud tech is right...
    see which settings gives you a stable overclock
  4. I finally have a good stable oc. Its been very difficult with the extra 4 gb memory I added 2 days ago. While 4 gb alone was very easy to stabilize, 8gb has been a pain in the butt. I finally have an oc at 3.8GHz stable with VCORE 1.296 according to CPU-Z
    and VTT of 1.41. Without checking the board directly with a multimeter those volts are software based varying with different programs.I set the Vcore in bios to 1.29v and the VTT @1.15v. Solid stable as it is.
    My temps are very good on push pull air cooling on hyper 212 plus at 34C on average and 63 on full load with Intel Burn.
    Dram is 758.1 @ 2:8 FSB ratio with NB frequency @3032.43 MHz QPI Link being 3411.1 MHz.

    This is the best I have come up with with 8GB of memory. Adding the extra 4gb has been a pain.
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