Please... help me!!!

sorry bad english,, :p im japanese.
i got this dell laptop inspiron n5010 with a 6gb of RAM and a 1GB ATI MOBILITY HD 5470 CPU i5 2.4 GHz
the problem is that i want to oc my gpu but some of my friends said i cant overclock a laptop its to risky...
but ill take my risks and i want to ask you if someone did oc a laptop before so please help me to overclock the gpu beyond the limits.
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  1. Laptopsoften use customized drivers which "get in the way" of doing what ya wanna do ..... can't speak for Dell
  2. Biggest thing I think you need to worry about is overheating. If you do finally get it overvlocked there is the problem of additional heat generated and you do not have the option of upgrading cooling to compensate. And the warranty would probably be toast as well if that heating fried the unit.
  3. Oh NO, you realllly shouldn't overclock a laptop. Laptops are know to overheat a lot more than Desktops because everything is cramped together so close and the fans arn't even half as big. I'd be very careful with that as I've seen many a laptop go kaput from overheating, hard drive failures, screen perminantly black, etc. and thats not even with people overclocking. Hope things don't turn out bad for ya either way, GL.
  4. One of my laptops doesn't heat up at all on the CPU or GPU.
    You'll want to download ATI tool to overclock.

    You'll be able to tell right away if your mobo/gpu combo will allow overclocking.
    It's difficult to monitor temperatures on a laptop however. Try using MSI afterburner or GPU-Z.
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