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I'm running XP version 5.1 sp3 in a Parallels Virtual Machine on my MacBook Pro. The Windows image was cloned from my ailing ThinkPad almost a year ago and has been functioning solidly until a few days ago.

I installed some updates to XP and now the "Found New Hardware Wizard" keeps appearing. I've tried all the tips I can find to disable the Wizard, removed the device from the Registry, disabled PnP - pretty much everything short of ritual sacrifice.

It keeps "finding" an HP LaserJet Color 8500 - which I don't know that I've ever even heard of, much less connected to a USB port on my computer. (I've never connected any printer to this computer, as a matter of fact.)

It doesn't appear to do anything, but it it incredibly annoying. Any suggestions?
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  1. Install it and then remove it.

    XP Pro with SP3 has that driver built-in. It may also be in SP2, but I'm not sure anymore since installing SP3.

    I can tell you how to disable the 'found new hardware' wizard, but to install the printer and then remove the printer might make it go away for good without disabling things you may like .

    When the new hardware wizard shows up, allow it to continue installing the rogue printer. Windows should find the driver within itself and complete the installation. When it is done, go to Printers and Faxes in Control Panel, right-click the printer and select 'Delete' and it may stay gone then.

    If the hardware wizard can't finish the install, cancel out as you have been doing and install it yourself in Control Panel>Printers and Faxes>Add Printer>HP >HP LaserJet Color 8500 (PLC, PS, your choice according to what Windows was trying to install)

    To disable New Found Hardware; Start>Run>Services.msc>Shell Hardware Detection>Disable>Apply>Stop.

    This will also disable autoplay on your CD/DVD drives.

    If it works, make a new restore point.

    Good Luck :)
  2. After going through all the machinations I've been able to dig up (including editing the registry) one of the newer updates to Windows seems to have cured the problem. I couldn't ever get the printer to install successfully, so uninstalling was never a viable option.
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