Any suggestions on my overclock for I5-750

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  1. well i see that on Core Temp - 2 CPU cores reached a high of 99c(!)

    that was under a stress test i assume..? even so - those temps are too high - what are you using for CPU cooling?
  2. I was using Intel Burn to fast test the cores, the reason they went so high so quickly.
    I tried other benchmarking programs including Prime 95 and PC Wizard 2010 and never came even close to those temps. Although after extensive testing and heat stress on the cores, I decided to balance performance overclock with heat temps. I believe I have found balance between the two.
    3.6 GHz stable on every test benchmark I can find.
    Core Voltage 1.30
    Average Temp is 36 C
    Intel Burn Max temp was 69c (well under 72c max for the chip according to Intel)
    DRAM is 802 MHz
    NB Frequency is 3208.0 MHz
    GFlops 51.3646 Stable with Intel Burn

    This setup has been stress tested under Crysis and performs flawlessly.
    I was hoping to keep the 4GHz overclock, but under my Hyper 212 Plus the cooling was not enough as the heat buildup was not diminished enough to maintain stability.
  3. the core i5-7xx Lynnfield CPU's are known to hit 3.5-3.6Ghz @ stock voltages. i bet if you experiment more - you'll be able to either leave it @ 3.6GHz /w lower voltages... or keep 1.3v and get more speed out of your CPU
  4. I added 4 extra GB of memory recently and with the addition I have had trouble maintaining stability. I am sure its not the CPU as I was stable at 3.8Ghz with only 4GB. I assume the instability is caused by the jump of the NB Frequency as I have read to keep that at a minimum. I can and will adjust the voltage but I am weary at adjusting the ram as I finally found a sweet spot. Should I continue to play with clocks and dram frequencies? Sure, but right now the stableness of the system with lowered heat in the cores is proving adequate.
    I am very pleased with 51 GFlops speed.
    Tweaking can be useful and at this point more testing is needed.

    Most stable stats yet.

    I dropped my Core Voltage to 1.27 V and the system is stable on Intel Burn. Even dropped my High core temps to 66c on Intel Burn.
    Idle temps are average 34c.
    Memory is around 16c.
    Radeon 5850 36c.
    Hard Disks 32c.
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