Can it beat the 4770?

Heres the situation....

I recently purchased an Inspiron 530 for PC gaming. I had it equiped with an Intel Core2 processor Q8200 (2.33Ghz) w/Quad Core Technology and 4MB cache, 4GB DDR2 SDRAM at 800MHz and only 320GB Hard Drive.

I am currently in the mind frame that an ATi Radeon HD 4770 would be the best choice for me. This decision is based on GDDR5 technology and Directx 10.1. It is also sitting at a very resonable $110 price tag. I recently decided I wanted to use the 4770 Crossfire capabilities. Unfortunatly, I found out that my 530 will not be capable of doing this.

So heres the question.....

Using my $100-$175 ideal price range, will the 4770 be the best choice for me as a Single GPU Video Card?

Im not into Overclocking so thats not an issue, but if it's recommended I will learn. I also play no favorites between nVidia and ATi so either one can be recommended. The Video Card must be able to play MMO's at a high, very high frame rate and I would also like to be able to play some of the new MMOFPS coming out. This would pretty much be like playing Call of Duty 4 Graphics on a World of Warcraft Server.

Let me know what YOU think.... :heink:

I have decided to up my price range to $100-$200. This doesnt include the budget for the PSU that will be purchased seperatly after I figure out which card I am going to get.
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  1. GTX 260 Core 216 under 175 if you can find it
  2. With a budget of up to $175 you can do better than a single 4770. Go for either a GTX 260 Core 216 or a Radeon HD 4870.
  3. That's a good suggestion, but he'll have to get a new PSU as well. Depends on your monitor. 4770 should be good enough for CoD4 @ 1680 x 1050 or so. Then again, PSU is holding you from getting any good card.
  4. Wow, you're right! 4850 for $90 that's great.
  5. I am definatly planning on purchasing a new PSU. Most likely a 500-550w. Now I dont mind spending a little extra cash for a better video card. $90 is a great value but I prefer performance over value. So between mine and the 3 others suggested what would give best performance? Also, will these cards support all the DirectX 10.1 games that come in the future?

    4770, 4870, 4850 or the GTX 260 core 216?

    Remember my price range is $100-$175 not including the PSU. So if you think theres something better than these 4 feel free to let me know. I will purchase the PSU with additional funds.
  6. If you decide on the 4870 or gtx260, make sure it will fit in your case. I'm not sure what size the 4850 is but I assume it's the same as a 4870 (which is a big card), and I believe the 260gtx is a very big card and I'd be pretty amazed if you could squeeze one into a mainstream dell.

    With a non overclocked q8200 I would recommend you save cash and go with the 4770. The dell already has an 8600gt I assume and the difference between that and the 4770 is night and day.

    If you can overclock the cpu then it might be worth going for one of the other three assuming they actually fit into the case. Frankly I'd just stick a 4770 into it and you won't even need a new psu I'd bet. The cash you save can go towards your next pc.
  7. I didnt get a Video Card in the Inspiron 530. Its going to run on Media Accelerator 3100 which is through the mother board. Even with the 4770 I am going to need to upgrade the PSU because the Inspiron comes with a 350w PSU and the required is 450. I really dont mind upgrading the PSU. I just want to make sure I get video card that will be able to run the games that are out now and games that come out in the next 3 years. For example, Huxley. I've been looking at the 4870 and I definatly like what I see.
  8. The 4770 doesn't really need a 450w psu, that's just ATI playing it safe by a lot. But if you don't mind upgrading it then that's probably the best option.

    The 4870 is pretty hot, and will be roasting hot inside a dell so if you decide on that make sure you get one with a good cooler like the Sapphire Vapor-X. And really, make sure it fits because these are big cards.
  9. Yeah, I am definatly going to play it safe. Just because this is brand new computer and I dont want it overworking itself. I will definatly measure the inside of my comptuer when I get it in a week and a half. Now on the 4870 Ive been reading up on most people are saying it wont be getting that hot. These are the ones I have been looking at....

    MSI Radeon GDDR5 1GB:

    MSI nVidia GTX 260 DDR3 896MB:

    MSI OC Radeon 4850 GDDR3 512MB:

    ATI Radeon 4770 GDDR5:
  10. If you want performance, obviously 4870 and GTX260 beat the 4850 and 4770. Why not just get the GTX260 216? And I don't think you can overclock a Dell. You still haven't told what monitor you have.
  11. I am using a Compaq 19" monitor. I dont know any specs on it. Now if it came down to a GTX260 216 and a 4870 what would be better? The 4870 has GDDR5 and 1 GB but has a so called "cooling problem" and the GTX260 has GDDR3 and 896MB but I belive has a heatsink. Will the GDDR5 create the difference and what would be the biggest difference between GDDR3 and GDDR5?
  12. 4870 1GB has the same performance as the GTX260 216
  13. Insiron 530 is small form factor case so you might have heat issues with higher end video card. Also the computer comes with 300W 18A in the 12V rail. I believe nything 4850 and above video cards need new PSU to be on the safe side. Also need to measure the interior to make sure the video card fit too. Take care.
  14. choose the gtx260-216, its cheaper and its factory overclocked. 655mhz (vs 576 @ stock) on the core, compared to the stock 4870 on the list.

    pull 700mhz on that core and you'll get a gtx275'ish/4890'ish performance already. the same cant be said on the 4870, though.
  15. With a 2.3ghz processor he isn't going to notice the difference between a 4870 and gtx260, in fact he'll barely notice a difference between any of the cards listed.

    He wants small enough to fit in the case, and cool enough so that it doesn't fry inside that dell and everything else is pretty much secondary.
  16. You said you care about DX10.1, well only the ATI cards support it. Note: DX10.1 does provide a slight performace advantage in 10.1 games, problem is there aren't very many 10.1 games out there. DX11 will make use of 10.1 features so if you plan on keeping this card for 3yrs then I'd go with ATI.
  17. Find a 4770 dual slot, if your rig case handle it. Itll keep your case cool that way, amd, it should fit
  18. @ MasonChaos: The HD4770 will be the slowest, but easiest to fit. It will fit most cases, will not require a PSU upgrade and with the dual slot cooler pump what little heat it does produce out of the case.
    I would not be happy with either the 4870 or 4850 you have listed, not in a small case because neither ejects its heat outside and could cause problems with internal temperatures, particularly during summer.
    If it fits, I'd say the GTX260 is the best way to go, it matches the HD4870 for speed and ejects its heat out of the case but, l;ike the 4870 it is quite a large card and may cause clearence issues. FYI the GTX260 is 10" long and the HD4870 9.5" long as I recall.
  19. ur using a Compaq 19" monitor, you dont need anything bigger than the HD4770, it will run any game out there on max with ur 19" monitor and that includes crysis
  20. 4850 ought to be enough for anything other than Crysis.
  21. Ok, so with everyone opinions I think the most resonable is the 4770 or the GTX 260 (if it fits). Now I know I would need a PSU with the GTX260 and people are saying the 4770 won't need a PSU. Should I reeeally chance running the 4770 without a new PSU? the recommended is 450 and I have a 350 which is a 100 watt difference which worries me. What if I decide to OC or attempt to OC the 4770. Wouldn't I be kind of pushing it with a 350w PSU?
  22. That PSU requirement is to cover for the many poor quality PSUs' around. Dell units are quite good and yours will run the HD4770 perfectly. I find overclocking overrated for really useful gains.
  23. Just wanted to say thanks to anyone that helped me out in this situation. Im going to end up measuring the case of the 530 when I get it to see what Im working with. Then install the most reasonable card. Ill post 1 last time just so everyone knows what kind of insides the 530 has jut incase anyone wants to know.
  24. Closing Update:
    I ended up getting the ATI RADEON 4770 and it was a wonderful choice. For beginer gamers to mid range gamers I think the 4770 would be a very good choice. For $120 (this includes shipping) I got the HIS 4770 and I didnt even have to buy a PSU (running on a 350 psu). I am running my games amazingly and general web surfing is more pleasurable. There is no doubt the 4770 is the most bang for the buck!!!
  25. Should be even better with the new catalyst 9.5 drivers hopefully. :)
  26. yah you can get better than that but you can also but 4770 and wait til you can buy a new board for cross fire.why! I say.think of the future upcoming games you think your 4890 can still perform at its best and at a price of 190$ while you can get 2 4770 and at a range of 210$ less and stiil cope up in the near future having all the specs of a single card at times 2 greatr than a single card 4890 with almost the same price.

    Pentium 4 3.4\
    Gigabyte G31m-Es2c\
    DDR2 4GB\
    ATI 4770 512\
    PSU Huntkey 600W\
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