Help on Getting to 4.2+ Ghz

Hey guys,

I got a successful 4.0 Ghz OC on my D0 i7 a while back with 1.2375 Vcore, here are my system specs:
Case: CM HAF X
CPU: i7 920 D0
MB: Gigabyte X58-UD7A (rev. 2.0)
RAM: 3x2GB Kingston 1333 Mhz
GPU: 4870x2 Powercolor
Prolimatech Megahalems cooler

After 24 hours of Prime 95 MAX core temp is 72 degrees mostly around 67 degrees. (I don't know how to upload the screenshot).
Do you guys think I've got sufficient cooling to go 4.2 Ghz? If so, what would I try for Vcore and other voltages to start?
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  1. Well it is not too high, but try to stay bellow 70c just to be on the safe side. Give us other voltages PLL, QPI/DRAM, etc etc.
  2. CPU Multiplier's X20
    Base Clock 200 Mhz
    Memory 1200 Mhz
    CPU PLL 1.84 V
    QPI VTT 1.32 V
    CPU Vcore 1.2375 V
    DRAM 1.54 V
    IOH 1.12 V
    Everything else is auto
    I've only optimized cpu vcore voltage i got a bit lazy so as soon as I got it stable, I didn't optimize any other voltages
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