Have you ever lap'd a vga heatsink

I know that you can lap copper cpu heatsinks and mabye achive better temps.

the question here is can you lap a vga cooler on a gtx460 etc and get the sae result.

im not worried about voiding warrenty just want to know if it has been done.
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  1. Can it be done? Yes, probably. I am sure if you researched it, VGA cooling systems have been lapped by many.

    Will it make a huge difference? Probably not.

    What are your options? Aftermarket air and liquid cooling products if the vendor's solution isn't meeting your needs.

    How are your temps now? How hard are you OCing your system? How is your overall cooling/airflow of your system?

    Good luck!
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    Of course you can do it, but most are finished pretty good already, whats important is contact footprint, is the heat sink sitting perfectly flat and not cocked, making excellent contact with the GPU die.

    And also no excessive thermal compound, just enough to fill the voids and that's a very small amount, usually trial fitting and checking the results is the best way to determine good contact.

    If you lapp a GPU heat sink you need to know exactly what you're doing, and you having to ask this question already shows you don't.
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