Really Cheap Build For Friend

Hey everyone!

My friend already has a hard drive and a cd drive, and I am designing him a $300 build, with as much computing power as possible.

What do you guys think? Any suggestions? How do you think the integrated graphics will hold up against Maya? Does the 8450 OC well?

Newegg Wish List here:

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  1. The wishlist convenient, but you might want to try look for combo/bundle deals that could save you an extra few dollars here and there, since the difference between certain processors/motherboards are only a few tens of dollars.

    Does your friend have a computer he's already using?
  2. bilboe said:
    How do you think the integrated graphics will hold up against Maya?
    Is that Thelma's sister?
  3. Make sure that the disk drive and hard drive you have are SATA and not IDE.

    Well, these will save some $$.

    Corsair 400W psu
    Cheap, good quality psu
    $50 ($40 after MIR)

    Rosewill micro atx case
    Cheap case. That is what you wanted, yes?

    Corsair 4gb DDR2-800
    Good, cheap ram
    $45 ($20 after MIR)

    AMD 2.9ghz dual core
    Will outperform a 2.1ghz 3 core processor in most things

    Sapphire Radeon 4830
    If you want some kick for gaming, this is a decent card. About the equivalent of a nvidia 8800gt/9800gt
    $90 ($75 after MIR)

    The motherboard you picked

    By my math, total = $295 (After mail in rebates, before shipping)
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