Computer won't POST - I dare you to figure this out

Hi guys, I've replaced just about every component in this computer and it seems like the problem MUST be the ram, but the new working ram I have will still not cause my computer to post.

Asus P5QL Pro
Core 2 Duo E6700
My old RAM was two Corsair CM2X1024-5400C4 667 sticks.
New RAM taken from the Dell downstairs is two Nanya 2gb 2Rx8 PC2-5300U and two Samsung 1gb 1Rx8 PC2-5300U . They both seem to be 667.
Nvidia 8800GTS
Western Digital 320gb hdd
Zumax 500w psu

The interesting thing here is that the Corsairs don't work in the Dell (Inspiron 530) and likewise the Nanya and Samsungs don't work in my computer. At first I assumed the Corsairs were broken but I don't know what to think anymore.

I've replaced every other component, except the graphics card, hard drive and optical drive, all of which I've confirmed are working. I've reset the CMOS and changed the battery. It has to be the RAM, right? Or is there something I'm overlooking? If you guys could help me figure out what's going on I would be eternally thankful. Trust me I have been losing my mind over this.
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  1. You may have damaged something else if you handled several of your components; been there, done that. Never heard of a zumax ps; if you can't get your board to post on a non conductive surface out of your case, then could be your board is toast by now. I've worked at dell manufacturing 3 separate times, installing motherboards and power supplies the last time. People don't realize how fragile electronic components are; most don't even bother using a static discharge strap. Place the board on a phonebook or other non conductive surface; no drives connected; try each memory stick one stick at a time; that's about all that's left to try.
  2. Triple-dog-dare me and I might take a stab at it.
  3. 24 pin main power, and 4/8 pin cpu power? If the CPU power aint plugged in no post!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Wow guys this is embarrassing. Just between you and me this thread never happened okay? :)

    Thanks daship you figured it out. I forgot the CPU power.
  5. LOL. I take donations!
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