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Antec 902 case
750 watt Corsair PSU
5850 GPU
I5-750 (OC'ed to 3675 GHZ)
Tuniq 120 Tower Extreme fan
8 GB XMS3 RAM (OC'ed to 1400MHz, I think)
P55A-UD3 Mobo
2x 1TB HDDs

So as stated above, my processor and RAM are both overclocked. Now either I'm reading something wrong or I have plenty of airflow, but my temps are normally not more than 50C

Is there a good benchmarking program to double check the temp under load?

In addition, since the temp is seems low enough, does that mean that I can overclock my machine more? And if so, how much?

I'm new to overclocking, so to overclock my PC, I followed these instructions:
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  1. Run prime 95 to test load temps and if its low enough you can keep overclocking until temps or voltage are too high
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