Overheating Problem Urgent Help needed

i recently upgrade my system with

Asus M3n78-em
amd 64 x2 6400 (3.2. ghz)
King 2GB DDR2 800MHS
Palit 9600 GT 512 MB
Cooler Master 600W

i already have 2 hdd one is 80 GB and another is 500GB . both are from WD..(7200rpm)

after i configured my system with new ones. i feel my cpu overall temp is going too hot.after using 20 to 30 mintues..
Motherboard temp = nearly around 45 to 48"c
Hdd temp = 51"c
Graphic Card (when playing Crysis at High detail) goes 70"c.
cpu = 60"c
(my cpu cooler fan built with Heat sink)
my case has already two 90m cooling fans.

these temp are higher than normal..?

can anybody pl explain, if yes pl explain how to solve ...
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  1. I am not really familar with AMD systems, but a CPU under load temp of 60 C. does not sound like it's too high.

    Two things that can drop the temperatures are better heatsinks and better case cooling.
  2. 60C isn't a problem for that old Athlon X2 6400, it's a 90nm processor rated to consume 125W, high temps are expected.
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