When to install latest Intel RST drivers

Almost ready to start upgrading both my systems with vertex 2 120GB SSD for the OS drives.

Both Mboards are ASUS P7P55D-E-PRO and use the intel 8.9 ACHI / RAID driver which is the previous one to the currently reccommended latest one 9.6.

Both systems use win 7 64 bit, PRO and ULTIMATE, all current sata drives are set up in ACHI mode, is it OK to just let win 7 do it's own thing during the install on the SSD with the default ACHI driver and upgrade to the latest intel driver by downloading the exe (win install) file for 9.6 and install along with the rest of the chipset and other drivers after windows is installed? I have done this on previous occasions with normal HDD without any problems.

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    Intels ver 9 ahci driver is better for the SF-1200 controller SSDs than uSoft default driver.

    Disconnect your Mechanical HDDs befor installing Win 7 on your SSD

    Down load the "F6" drivers inaddition to the Ver 9 RST chipset drivers. Put the F6 Drivers on a thumb drive..
    Select Custom install, Under screen that shows you the drives, and where you want to install Win 7, there is a small check box (should be on left side below drive screen). Check it and select the intel AHCI driver. When installation is complete you can install Ver 9 RST driver.
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