CPU over heating but its not hot to the touch

my computer has a 2.0 ghz processor and 2 gig ram and its keeps freezing it will stay on for about 10 to 15 minutes and then i cant move mouse or do ctrl alt del. in the bios i have 3 temperature readings, the first one is power and ranges from 90 - 105 f , the second one is system and it ranges from 80 - 95 f , and the third one is cpu it starts at 125 f when i first start the computer and raises a few degrees every few seconds it gets up to about 180 f and computer freezes. and its seeming like it gets hotter faster and faster as the days go by. im not sure why this is happening. the computer orignally came with heat sink/fan combo and fan in the back. i recently added a new fan into the front of the box and i cleaned the old thermal gel off and put a new coat on the cpu, i also thought it might be a software issue so i took xp off and put ubuntu on but the same thing happend froze after a few minutes, but now have ran out of ideas what to do next because none of that helped. any help is greatly appreciated!! thanks Jonathan
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  1. Few questions.

    When you say 'not hot to the touch' in the topic, are you referring to touching the heatsink while the cpu is on and rising in temperature?

    Did you add a new fan and apply new thermal compound before or after it started causing you problems?

    When you applied the thermal compound layer, did you make it thin, as in paper's thickness or less?

    Did you bolt/clip/whatever your heatsink back on properly (generally with quite a bit of pressure)?
  2. sounds like hsf is not properly connected, you have to push down really hard if its the intel push pin.
  3. the problem started before i made any changes and yes touching the heatsink while the cpu is on seems room temperature. i put a very small amount of thermal on and let the heat sink spread it out with pressure. the heak sink is snapped in tight onto the cpu
  4. 180 f = 82c
    I would say the cpu is hot.

    Is your cpu a P4 Prescott, by the sound of it.
    They always run hot or were known to.

    If your using the stock cooler, i would buy a new bigger after market one for it.
    Also do i memory test of the memory incase its on its way out.
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