I7 950 >84C under load! HELP


my new setup is

asus p6x58d-e
i7 950 with arctic freezer 7 cooler

I took care to install the heatsink properly, screwing down nice and tight and checked the contact with the die which seemed good. The Artic cooler comes with some thermal compound already on so left as was, none of this shimming malarky. Idle temps are around 40C but under load Asus Probe II monitoring app reports 84C!! I have tried various other utilities and all have different results, worryingly all higher than Asus Probe. I mean how hard can it be to get an accurate temperature reading!

I'm suspecting that the problem lies with the contact between the CPU and Heatsink, reason being the temperature will shoot up to 84C from 40C in about 2 seconds of high load. The actual heatsink itself though feels cool to the touch under load. I've even put a fan on the rear of the motherboard, Asus put an additional heatsink underneath the Processor which was nice of them, however it's made no difference.

Any advice would be greatly welcomed, am i being paranoid about temps, is 84C acceptable and doesn't the CPU clock ratio get reduced when it reaches TjMax? Failing all of this i'll chuck the arctic 7 in the bin and take my freezer apart and jury rig something!



Ps i forgot to mention no overclocking, stock settings, vcore at idle is 0.9 and the board jacks this up to around 1.2 max under load.
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  1. get a better cooler lol also if your just gaming and what not you dont need ht on and when its off it disables 4 threads it lowers my temps 10c of course i keep it on because i benefit from the extra threads but most people dont

    i use a h50 cooler 1 fan in a 800d case max temp 72c with ht on and 42c when im not doing anything maybe a lil internet

    EDIT: also im at 4ghz lol
  2. Get real temp and Coretemp:

    If you still have high temperatures reported after that get some thermal compound and try to reinstall the cooler.
    What cooler do you have exactly freezer 7 pro?
  3. The cooler is good for stock operations and a very mild OC... Hope you have a good case with proper air circulation...
  4. Thanks for the replies, in answer to the questions.

    Coolermaster CM 690 II LITE Version - http://www.ebuyer.com/product/221737

    I've installed one 14cm fan at the top drawing hot air out, one 12cm at the back drawing out, one 12cm at front drawing in and finally one 14cm on the side above CPU drawing in. I'm pretty onfident case cooling is sufficient. I even took the side off and stuck a HUGE deskfan next to it but no appreciable difference in CPU temps.

    real temp and Coretemp report even higher temps around 98C! I believe this is because it reads the internal thermister rather than the cpu case thermister. It's all a bit worrying. I have this morning re applied the TIM (arctic something or other) carefully reading the guide that came with it but no difference.

    This is the Cooler i bought http://www.ebuyer.com/product/176157

    What gets me is if this H/S Fan can't run the i7 950 at the rated 3.06ghz with ht turned on without the thermal protection kicking in and dropping the multipliers how the hell is the tiny thing intel supplied supposed to do it. Just for a laugh i might give it a go today. As for usage you are quite right bobthecatkille when i play games i doubt very much that ht increases speed and very few games can utilise all 4 cores and for general internet, video watching it tickles along at around 50C -60C. However i use Visual Studio a lot in conjuction with SQL server, these really would benefit from being able to run all 4 cores.

    I have looked at the H50 and H70, they look to be exactly the right thing for the job, great reviews while using the 950 and i was intending to clock this chip just for shits and giggles.

    In summary i am very impressed with the i7 950 but i can't help but think that Intel should supplier a cooler that is capable of running the chip at it's rated speed (3.06ghz) for days on end without it having to throttle back.
  5. Remember i7 9XX series cpu's are high volt ones so they generate alot more heat than others... hence their manic speeds... the stock cooler and other clip installation coolers like yours are good for normal operations (some gaming, internet, playing media, office applications etc)... the moment you play high def games or even slightly OC then those coolers are not going to pass...

    I would recommend you get either top air cooler like NH D14, Silver arrow, Venomous X or Megahalems rather than the H50 or H70 since they provide the same if not better cooling for a lower price and better sound management (trust me the corsairs are loud because of their radiators packing the fins densely)... or you can opt for LC which is more expensive and requires a lotta care...

    Edit - Intel had started shipping better coolers with their gulftowns but the consensus is that the new SB cpu's are less power demanding with no compromise on speeds... during tests coolers like yours could suffice a i7 2600K (equivalent to the 950) 4Ghz OC under 70C in full load!!!
  6. Thanks abully,

    My initial concern was that either i'd got a bad CPU generating too much heat (seemed unlikely otherwise surely it just wouldn't work) or there was something wrong with the contact between die and heatsink, as i may have mentioned before on this thread i'm not a thermodynamics expert but under heavy load, reporting 84C i can touch the heatsink with my finger and it's tepid which led me to the conclusion that the heatsink isn't able to transfer heat from the die up through to the fins.

    However if you are confident that it's literally just a case of the cooler not being sufficent i shall entertain some of the examples you have kindly given. To that note, reading ebuyers review of the NH D14 this corroborates your answer.

    'First off, I'll start by saying this thing is MASSIVE so check your case dimensions first.

    Real world figures:

    Q6600 @ 2.88Ghz with Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro (with MX-3) on MAX 2500RPM 1 hour Prime95 = 71 degrees C on the hottest core

    Q6600 @ 3.2Ghz with Noctua NH-D14 @ 900RPM 1 Hours Prime95 = 50 degrees C on the hottest core

    I think the results speak for themselves!'

    Quite geekily i do like the sound of having a watercooler in the system but if these force air cooled alternatives provide better performance then it's a no brainer. Maybe I was quite nieve to expect the arctic freezer 7 to be able to do the job as it did fine with the core2duo with massive overclocks but I didn't quite appreciate what a beast these i7's are. Out of interest and i know everyones mileage varies, suppose i manage the cooling system properly what kind of overclock should i expect? Power supply is a Corsair 650.
  7. With any of the coolers i referred, i have seen 4Ghz and read about OC's more than that on i7 950's... It depends on a number of parameters like ambient temps, case airflow, Vcore Vtt levels etc... but honestly you can easily get to 3.6Ghz without major increase in voltage and temps...

    Your psu should be sufficient (with one powerful gpu or two lesser ones)...
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