Zalman vf3000a adive on connecting to motherboard

sorry i know this is me having a blonde moment but i have just added a zalman vf3000a to my xfx 5870 and cant seem to find a 3 pin connector on the motherboard that will allow me to control the fan speeds on it i have an Asus M4A89GTD PRO/USB3 AMD 890GX AM3 Motherboard the fans just seem to stay the same speed about 50% on cha_fan 2 and go to max speed on CHA_fan1?

is there one that im missing or an alternate way to automatically adjust the fan speeds when i need to?
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  1. Yes, you should connect the fan to the fan connector on the graphics
    there is always a fan connector somewhere on the pcb of the graphics find it and hook it up some cases you will have to take off the cooler to reach the connector...
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