Anyone fancy Overclocking My PC?...

I have just turned the PC on and entered the dreaded (for me anyway) realm of the BIOS!...ooooooooo :sweat:
Anyone fancy telling me how to overclock my system?....go on you know you want to, oh what fun we'll have :D

My sytem:
Xigmatek Asgard Case

Corsair 650 Watt PSU

AMD Phenom x4 9850 Black Edidtion (soon to be overclocked)

Arctic Cooling Ceramiqe Thermal Paste

Corsair H70

ASUS M4N82 Deluxe Motherboard

OZ SSD 60GB Vertex Series 2

2TB Western Digital Green HDD

2GB (soon to be 4) DDR2 ram (Corsair Dominator GT DDR2 1066 RAM (C5))

GTX 460 MSI Talon Attack

Windows 7 64 bit

LG Blu-ray/HD-DVD drive

6 Arctic Cooler F12's (Two on the Corsair H70)
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  1. Too late I think I killed it!. I only changed my ram setting to 1066 and I'm getting an error message stating
    reboot and select proper boot device
    or insert boot Media in selected Boot Device and Press a Key
  2. You don'y kill it, just reset the BIOS and try again.
  3. There was a faulty sata cable attached to my dvd-drive. And while I'm talking about sata cables, this new motherboard only accepts the tiny old school ones. I tried to connect one of those clip lock ones in, and it snapped the socket!. Fortunately it's still usable, it's just the side part with no wiring or connections on it. The thing is I only have one of those slim non locking ones so I'm down to one 60GB hard drive. 30GB, of that is being used by Windows 7.

    So is that what you do with overclocking then, afer you adjust the settings if it dosen't work try again by resetting the BIOS? that part of what they been by "wasn't stable", then after if it boots Windows you run the stability tests then?...

    I found an overclocking article on my processor. If I were to select their end settings and try that would that be OK?...I have a similar setup with a better cooler and my case is well ventilated.
  4. not enough time to supply you with everything you want to know, but DO NOT just take their numbers and set yours to that
    **Edit hopefully that caught you in time :P**
    your chip is unique, what worked on their cpu, may not work as well on yours, likely as not could wind up killing it
    if you want to get into overclocking, spend some time on Toms and other sites, read up lots, tons loads
    figure out what it is your asking your rig to do, and what affects what and why, you'll find it more satisfying learning and be the better for it too
    people will help, but we cant just say 'xxx,yyy' and your all set, its precision tuning of a system and you have to account for quite a few variables not limited to cpu/mobo tolerances, power supply abilities,
    small steps, ask before doing if your not 100% sure and enjoy it :)
  5. Thanks, I knew it wouldn't be as simple as that but it was worth asking just in case. I know what you mean it is a nice thing to have leant a skill, shame on me.
    I have been reading about overclocking, but most of it just goes over my head. do they do an overclocking for Dummies :)
    I will head off now to fry my brain cell with overclocking riddles, sorry I mean guides. :hello:
  6. no probs, I'm not trying to put you off,
    just save you from frying your pc and not knowing how or why it died,
    the more you learn, the better equipped you will be to figure bits out yourself but as long as you go slow with small teensie steps and triplecheck all you know and do, you are setting off on a rewarding and enjoyable trip :)
  7. I've really enjoyed building it. Even though I had to re-colour my hair after (went grey in the process!).
    My processor is quite old now and people have managed to overclock theirs to 3.0Ghz stable. 2.8-9 is more common. But all the guides and results I've seen with my CPU have been with air coolers, I'm hoping tht the H70 will allow a novice like me to acheive similar results with mine as the pro's did with their air coolers. I'm going to go and check the normal tempreture range for my processor now and look on my PC to see what tempreture it's currently sitting at, hopefully it will be lower than the average temps with the H70 now which should allow me more room for overclocking yes?...

    And you haven't put me off at all. I'm the same with everything I do, I'm always trying to run before i can walk, it's one of my many character flaws, I don't know why I do it it never works. It took me about ten years with weight training using shortcuts to realise that it was no use and I'd have to take the long route.
    You'd think I'd have learnt from my mistakes and applied that philosophy to every area of my life hey. I must be mad, well I know I am :pt1cable: Einstein said that madness is doing exactly the same thing twice and expecting a different result the second time. That's me all over!.
  8. Oooooo look "3.33 GHz on stock cooling" oooooooo :o
    that was here at toms,review-31207-13.html

    "AMD claims ACC will buy most processors between 100 and 400 MHz on top of what they could do sans ACC"
    Just got go find out what ACC is now :na:

    "With a larger cooler and a bit more juice, 3.4 GHz would have likely been achievable." :wahoo:


    Custom performance for novice and enthusiast users

    Overclocking* made easy
    Novice and beginner users need not be intimidated. AMD OverDrive™ provides a simple performance slider and even a single-click performance tuning option.

    DON'T STOP ME SMEE, SMEE, DON'T STOP ME, DON'T STOP ME........SMEE!...STOP ME!(from the film Hook if you were wondering...told you I was mad!.
  9. lol, not a dismal fan I'm afraid,
    Overdrivel will overclock your system safely, usually stable as well, but in my experience is very conservative, I started out getting 3.2Ghz off it, then went into bios and fiddled so I get 3.5Ghz now.
    I would say to you if quick-fixes are your thing, use it,
    alternatively, use it (along with your reading up ofc)and see what changes are effected by it,
    Measure/record your starting points and if possible save them to bios, then see what overdrivel has done, then read up on whats changed, and what that actually means to your systems performance
    thing is though, and its a big one, you have a black edit chip, it can be as easy for you as changing your multiplier, maybe a tweak or two for stability and happy sailing
    whichever you do good luck and have fun man :)
    oh, and stay mad, it helps later on...
  10. I can't use AMD Overdrive anyway, you need an AMD chip and I have nVidia. Wahtever, I really don't want to take any short cuts anyway, it dosen't do me any favours. I was going to do what you said, use it along side with reading how to do it manually via the BIOS.
    And Hook was a god aweful film, but Dustin Hoffmans one of my favorite actors so I had to watch it. Speilberg must be a genius though, it would take one to take a classic story, add oscar winning actors, hilarious commedians, blockbuster stars and the bottomless pockets of Lucas films, Tri-star and amblin and produce such a travesty. I really don't know how he still has a good reputation when he's made so much shite, E.T even looked like a shite!.
  11. OK, first question, according to Nathan Kirsch over at legit reviews "With stock BIOS settings, the AMD Phenom 9850 processor runs with a 200MHz bus speed and has a 12.5 multiplier that are used to reach the final core clock of 2.50GHz"
    Why does my multiplier say x 6.25 when I look at it in CPU-Z then?...his screenshot clearly says 12.5 on his CPU-Z screenshot?....

    Edit: I was bold and manually changed the multiplier to 12.5!. I've seem other 9850's with higher multiplier values, which I'm assuming that they just selected via the BIOS. The thing is, mine only goes up to 12.5?...does that mean that it's not a Black Edition?...
  12. See? your learning already hehe,
    your mobo has an Nvidia chipset, you didnt know that before and you've also changed your multiplier, check your mobo manual for limitations re bus speed etc, that may be the reason your multiplier is 12.5 max (Black edit chips have an unlocked multi, thats what makes them B.E.)
    although I'm pretty sure if I googled your chip I'd find something on it :P
    glad your having fun tho man
  13. All I can find is that it's Front Side Bus is 5200 MT/s HyperTransport™ 3.0 for AM3 /AM2+ CPU 2000 / 1600 MT/s for AM2 CPU
    Is that what you mean?...
  14. yup, your fsb X multiplier=your cpu speed
    so do some maths, set your fsb to a nice (Low) comfortable speed and up the multiplier,
    I'm pretty sure your starting point should be set at 200MHz so work from there, and I think the form is low fsb/high multi so as a guide get the best clock you can using a lower fsb speed, make sure its stable and running ok, then up the fsb a bit and start lower again on the multi
  15. My multiplier won't go higher than x 12.5, so I reckon I have the regular 9850. That was what I bought so I'm OK with that, it's just that when it came, the packet said it was a Black Edition. Maybe they just put the wrong label on it, but I got what I paid for so I can't complain.

    I knew absolutely nothing about computing when I bought it, I know I don't know much still but needless to say I would have bought something different knowing what I do now. I just saw a quad core for £60 and jumped at it.

    Oh well, can I still overclock it just by upping my FSB if it's not a black Edition?...

    Other than the fact that the multipliers are locked on non black Editions, do you think there's a difference in the chips selected for BE's and regular ones?.

    And I must not be understanding this correctly, my motherboards FSB is 5200Mt/s, so in order to ever reach that keeping my multipler at 12.5 (because I have no other choice), the FSB setting in the BIOS would have to something like 400!. It does say that the Valid input range is 200-600. But that can't be right can it?...I mean generally you increase your FSB by 5-10 each time until you reach your maximum right?...
  16. Meh, standard chip in B.E. Box grift hehe, like a 1982 escort in a 2006 cossie bodykit, catches em everytime lol :)
    Other than the unlocked multi, the actual chips themselves are physically identical as far as I know,
    Just going over your posts again and noticed your A.C.C. reference,
    that requires a sb710 or sb750 chipset, which you dont have
    and yes, you can still clock using the increase fsb method, just go small steps, I'd say 2-5Mhz at a time, your mobo allows 1Mhz steps so finetuning is easy, just keep an eye on your temps :)
    and yes, 2.9GHz seems to be a likely target for your sights even with the Hc50 but the main thing is you've learned a lot so far that you didnt know, and are better equipped to think ' hmm, wonder if she'll let me buy.....'
  17. A fella at a pace I used to work had a poxy old mazda dressed up in a Ferrari kit!, well funny.
    OK, I'm attempting an overclock, is this right, I set the HT at the lowest point, same for the RAM, turn cool n quiet off, then up the FSB in small increments.
    I adjusted the above and am up to FSB 210, AND it''s running at 2625.1Mhz!.
    I know you can't tell I know but I'm doing a little dance of joy now. I forgot to install stability testing software though! gotta go find some now, which means re-connecting the internet to my PC, then I will have to go back and put it back into the laptop because it needs to be turned off and on again for some reason. I'm off to look at what software I should use, should have done that first I know but honestly I didn't think it would even boot after I adjusted the BIOS.
    I will re-edit this after I find some, if anyone wants to suggest some programs in the mean time I'd appreciate some guidance.
    Oh and idle temp is 31 ddegrees (where's the bloody degree circle thingy on the keyboard!).
    Edit: I now have prime95
  18. Hehe, welcome to the world of overclocking man :)
    theres several stability tests commonly used, Prime 95 is a popular one, none too sure on any others as I dont use them myself (I see your edit,np)
    for indicating degree's I use the apostrophe button 31'c, people know what you mean:)
    see how P95 turns out and if confident, kick it up a little more, let me know how you get on,
    generally you wont need to mess with your ram too much btw
    oh, one more thing, keep a record of 'known good' settings you can refer back to if/when pc goes schitzo :P
  19. Righty ho, not calling you a ho by the way!. I'm running P95 now, not sure how long it takes or if it will just run forever, shall go and find out forthwith. I'm up to 220 on my FSB (hark at me talking OC'ing lingo!). I have my ram and HT set at the lowest settings though, should I go back and set them at the normal levels now or keep upping the FSB first to see where my limit is?...
    And when I find the limit do I then add volts?...

    Edit: CPU-Z is showing just a x 6.25 (1375MHz) at the moment while I'm running the stress test, does the multiplier only go up when it's needed automatically?...
  20. Not that I'm aware of, you have turned off cool and quiet?
    and set your ram to auto for now
    other than that, did you remember to save settings before exiting bios?
    but yes, when you start to falter, you can up the voltage to gain stability, but thats when you are pushing limits and you really need to know what the max temps/voltages are on your chip, and voltage changes, have to be made in the smallest increments possible, 0.4v may not seem like a lot to read, but its a massive amount to a sensitive microprocessor,
    I'd leave voltage boosting alone until your more comfortable with your parts to be honest, and probably a better cooler than the H70 too :)
  21. I will have you know I'm very comfortable with my parts thank you very much :lol:
    I think I accidently left cool'n'quiet on when I reset the BIOS and started again. And my RAM wasn't on auto, it was on the lowest settings. Also which stress test should I use in P95, I was using the first one, Small FFT's.
    I have now set the RAM to Auto and the cool'n'quet is off, now going to test FSB @ 226.
    Edit: It's not even stable at 220 with the RAM on auto. I think I need to upgrade my CPU, if I buy a 970 I won't even have overclock it for it to be at 3.5Ghz. A much better option for me I think. At least I tried.
  22. ok, when its on auto, what is it trying to set the ram speed to?
    you may have to manually set the ram to its 'optimum' speed, or close to,
    my 1600 ram runs at 733Mhz which doubled (DDR means double data rate) isn't quite 1600 but close enough
    I dont know which tests are who on P95, I've never used it personally
    and if you are going to go for a new chip anyway, why not see just how far you can push this one? (once new ones turned up ofc, dont want to leave yourself without a pc :P)
    and check your Motherboards cpu support sheet to make sure it supports your intended new chip
  23. That's where I was going wrong then, I didn't factor in that the figure for the RAM needed halving to come to 1066, I was setting it to the 1000
    Time to try again, ta very much.
    Edit: Nothing I tried managed to be stable beyond 220 FSB with everything on auto, which = 2750MHz, which I'm happy about but I'd just like to get it higher somehow, if others have got theirs to 2.9GHz there must be a way to get mine there, if I could do that then I don't think I would need an upgrade.
    I checked the RAM speed it's selecting on Auto and it's 733, what I don't understand then is if DDR2 = 733 x 2 then my 1066 RAM was running at 1466MHz, that can't be right can it?...also when the FSB is set a it's default of 200, then 1066 is the highest that list goes up to, surely that means what it's displaying is just the DDR2 figure?...well confused now.
    I'm stress testing it now at 220 (FSB) with the RAM @ 800 and something (sorry it is late and way past my bedtime!), I will leave that running for the next 10 hours or so to see if it's stable at that level, then hopefully we (The Royal We that is) will be able o figure out something to get it a bit higher tomorrow?...I'm cheeky bugger I know!, thanks for everything by the way.
  24. its possible to overclock ram, although your cpu and mobo will both limit speed depending on what they can handle, its not normally an aim, more a tweak to stabilise a system,
    hope the test worked out ok, its 7am and just got in from eork so I'll check back later man
  25. Cheers Moto

    Here's my thoughts so far based on other peoples results:
    In March 2008 emil Larsden got his Phenom X4 9850 to at a then record of 3.1GHz.
    He wrote "We’ve had the Phenom X4 9850 for a day now and we’ve clocked all four cores stably to 3.1GHz using a regular Akasa AK-876 air cooler (ED: flash Bstard). That’s a modest 24 per cent boost over its native 2.5GHz clock speed (Ed: modest my crack!).

    "We used a Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 motherboard, 2GB Corsair TwinX 1066MHz Ram (downclocked to 800MHz but linked to the bus so it increased to 888MHz), a 0.225V core boost, a 14x CPU multiplier and a 222MHz bus speed to achieve this magic number."

    So for me to be able to emulate those kind of results these are my workings, feel free to stop me before I fry anything there Smee.

    Because I don't have an unlocked multiplier dose this equation make any sense to you.
    In order for me to reach those speed's or thereabouts I would have to look at it like this:
    His results were 14 x 222 = 3108 @ 0.225V Core Boost.
    So for me I would have to go this route 3108 / 12.5 = 248.64 (FSB) @ 0.225V.
    I know that results vary from system to system, chip to chip, but if I bare in mind what others used to get there's stable then I know what has worked in the past and it give's me a rough guide to work from.

    He says "That voltage boost is rather big, but our sample was also happy to sit at 2.8GHz with a simple 0.05V increase."
    Well, mine's stable with no added volts @ 2.75GHz with everything on auto, even with the RAM selected @ the bracket higher than the lowest, 800+ (sorry I will write it down next time!).

    He continues:
    "It even booted at 3.2GHz, but couldn’t load Windows properly."

    Well mine loaded Windows fine @230 FSB with the RAM and HT on the lowest setting, I could run programs, use the internet, launch CPU-Z, Coretemp, and even launch P95, but as soon as it started to test, bam, blue screen, memory dump, tears everywhere, hair in tufts between my fingers, neighbours complaining about my foul language corrupting the youth...blood everywhere, sirens, Ambulance men, needles, tranqulisers, then everything went fuzzy and I woke up in restraints!.
    Oh and that was with no added volts o the core by the way, I remember that much.

    And that was with an air cooler. The H70 should keep it cooler shouldn't it?...

    Others said:

    "im getting 3.3 ghz with a stock cooler and is stable im not sure why everyone else is gettin 2.8 to 3.1 ghz stable ??"

    "I got mine to 3.3 stock air, with stress tests running on it for long period of time and it's still stable and running at about 60 idle. Did you try stepping up the voltage a little more?"

    cheers matey, hope you had a nice kip by the way, I didn't little Blue screens kept chasing me down a motorway made from silcone for some reason :)
  26. This is where your starting to find your chips limits, it can function ok doing 'normal' stuff at 230 on the HT/fsb but once you start pushing it with P95 its too much for it, I would say run a few days on those settings, (Temps were ok I assume?)
    just to make sure its stable and happy, no random bsod's or hiccups
    and once its happy running at that, maybe try some further small increases but I think your starting to get to the point where a stable 3GHz is a nice happy result
    H70 hmm, not read up any reviews on them but if they are like their predecesssors, its more show than go, there are a lot of good air coolers for less that will perform as well if not better
  27. That suprises me to hear the H70 can be outpeformed by some air coolers. Some of those air coolers are bloody massive though, I don't like the idea of them hanging off my motherboard truth be told. I was always happy with my Arctic Cooling Freezer Pr Rev 2 though, but when I came to use it on my new setup I couldn't find the AMD hooks. Arctic Cooling wanted something like £30 o ship them to me, I mailed them about it assuming it must have been a site glyth but they never replied. And I couldn't bring myself to buy another one just for the hooks.

    My tempreture after stress testin it fro what 16-17 hours now on the full random stress test is 32 degrees, which I don't think is too bad.

    I'm just reading a review of my board here:

    I'm only on the first page but apparently my 980a chipset is just a renamed 780a, if that means anything to you, it dosen't to me, I don't know if 780a's are any good, I shall check on that after my read.

    So, it's a chipset problem at 230 FSB then not a lack of voltage?...
  28. Assuming those temps are right they're fine
    not so much chipset 'problem' as its limits by the looks of it, if your stable without messing the volts, I'd leave them as is tbh,
    and remember, stress-testing wears your components down faster than 'normal' use, dont want to do too much on P95 or it will the the reason you kill the system, hehe
  29. Cor mate, I have been at this for nine hours straight and no luck, BED TIME, overclockings bloody addictive :D
    If I had have spent the hours I've spent on this working even a minimum wage job I'd have enough money to but a new processor by now!
  30. Makes you want to go out and buy an overclocked Gulftown at 5.27 GHz that uses a single stage vapor phase change cooler, doesn't it?

  31. solidliquid said:
    Makes you want to go out and buy an overclocked Gulftown at 5.27 GHz that uses a single stage vapor phase change cooler, doesn't it?


    Yes'sir'ee'bub, sure does, which third world do they sell them in, I'll book a holiday and pick one up while I'm there. ;)
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