I have a Toshiba Laptop and I was trying to format my hard drive so I can have a clean OS installation. Anyway it didn't work even I changed the boot sequence and everything. So bought a IDE/SATA USB cable and too the hard drive out and plugged into the good computer and formatted the hard drive. Once that was done I inserted the hard drive back to the Toshiba laptop and now I am getting NTLDR ALT CRTL DEL error. What's the solution? I again tried to boot from the original OS CD but didn’t work. Please provide an assistant to fix this error. Thank you for your time in advance.
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  1. The solution is that you need to reinstall XP to get rid of the boot error. You need to boot to the XP CD, and that varies on PC model. Your first BIOS screen might display a key to press to choose the boot device. If so, use that to boot to the XP CD.
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