Msi 17" barebones-screen does not light up

the power and battery lights work, but an external montior will not work either. how do i tell if it is the conputer or perhaos the CPU i installed?
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  1. i got the msi wind and am so inpressed with the clarity of the screen i though ti wanted the larger laptop. i have been using 390x and a31 thinkpads and it is time for somehting new and snazzy-or maybe keen.

    i have experience replacing or changing components in thinkpads, and the MSI 17" 'barebones system seemed simple, i only had to add memory, CPU, hard drive and OS. i have done memory and hard drives dozens of times and the CPU was not hard, after i learned what the right ones were i could use.

    the critical issue is whether the problem is that th eCPU is bad or is the 'barebones' computer bad? i can get the wireless wifi to activate and light up the buttons, and the hard drive light is on but not blinking.

    i am not sure if the CPU activates the screen, if not then the barebones is bad.

    i just found out the frpom the vendor of the hard drive that paypal put a hold on his payment. i just contacted the vendor of the barebones and he says he is not a techie and can not help me figure it out. he is only an hour drive and i hope he has another unit we could put the CPU in, or another CPU to put in mine, so we know which is bad. but he may not do this. i do not like to hold up paying the guy for the cpu or returning it if it is not bad, so i hope to find out how to figure out where the problem is by what the laptop is doing.

    i have read comments that this laptop is the best some people ever had.....please help!!!
  2. try the motherboard outside the shell with an aftermarket fan and see if the fan revs up. if it does, connect a monitor to the graphics output and see if it works then.

    If it does work then the barebones screen is faulty, if it doesn't you have a faulty graphics processor.

    If the fan doesn't come on then the barebones motherboard is faulty and/or your cpu doesn't work anymore.
  3. thank you for your help. the motherboard is part of the 'barebones' that i can't get to, but if the problem is from the other parts you name, i can either get the guy replace it or refund my money on the 90 days guarantee.

    since the supplier is within driving distance, if he lets me put th eparts in a different unit that would show the CPU was working or not....
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