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So....iv got some nice new setups with dual monitors and i would love to multi task between two monitors but it would seem the only way to do that would be to run my games in windowed mode

So my question is has anyone found an app that can force a game to stay full screened at all times? thus allowing me to click and operate my second monitor without it going back to desktop or alt tabbing etc?

I don't expect there to be any apps and from googling iv found nothing...figured i might as well ask :??:

*starts l4d*
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  1. You have to run in windowed mode (which you can maximize to full screen) If you want to be able to interact with other programs and still "see" the game. If it is in full screen mode it will always minimize and you wont even be able to move the curse from the game with alt tabbing.

    There are programs that run certain apps on a perifrial that works, but it isnt possible for a true second display except when the app is in windowed mode.

    (Most games have a windowed mode that will remove the status bar and borders) Though most shooters will lock the curser to the window and still require an alt tab to interact outside of it, though it will not minimize like it would in full screen mode.
  2. Left 4 dead has that mode mentioned earlier. kick up the resolution to the monitors native rez, disable boarders, and hide the taskbar.
  3. I know that i can do exactly as posted above...just figured i would ask
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