Can't convert PDF into Word (.doc) document

I'm trying to convert a pdf file into a word document but i'm unable to do it. the reason is i want to fill in an income tax form which is in a pdf format and i can't add any details in the file...
How do i convert this file into a word doc file, someone can help plz,,,step by step as i'm not really an expert in this field..
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  1. Hi! Here's a little program for that:
    Just download and install. It's very easy to use also! :hello:
  2. The PDF format by definition does not allow you to make changes to the file. If you happen to have the Pro Version of Adobe's Acrobat software you can start to edit.

    One POSSIBLE solution is to see if you can select portions of the document and cut and paste to a WORD document. If you try to select an area and you get the whole form, you are pretty much out of luck.. then you need to go back to Daves suggestion of finding it on another forum that DOES allow for changes.
    Also, you may try this tutorial about how to convert PDF files to Word (doc) . Once they're converted, you can open the files Microsoft Word or a compatible word processor.
    Hope it can do you a favor.
  3. There are editable tax forms available for download,, look for forms that state "Fill-In Capable".
  4. Thanks for you guys' reply.I will try to follow what you said ...
  5. Here is great solution that keeps the original formatting as it was in PDF give try to free demo version -
  6. mandly said:
    Thanks for you guys' reply.I will try to follow what you said ...

    Free download PDF to word converter for document conversion.
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