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Posted this in the mobo forum not sure if that was the wrong one tho so im putting it here as well

Hi I just bought a new cooler for my cpu with intentions of overclocking... I come to find that since I have BIOS 1.0 it seems as though the add voltage settings are locked... all i can do for the cpu is change the FSB which I can only do so much with w/o adding voltage... my question is am i missing something or do i need to flash my bios if i want to OC and secondly is it safe to flash my bios through MSI's live update system, as I'm unsure of how to flash the BIOS the normal way
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  1. Flash your bios.
    The most easy way to do that is with MSI Live Update.
    After it downloads your bios,shut off inet (eventually plug out the inet cable) and windows applications that are staying in tray mode.
    What CPU do you have,what memory?
    According to this article you should be able to do some overclock:
  2. ya ive actually printed that article out for help but its for version 1.2 BIOS the BIOS looks the same in the pictures as when I look at my V1.0 of it but I can't adjust the voltages at all, what i can adjust is the FSB Freq, DRAM Freq, PCIE Speed Controller and the PCIE Freq.... CPU is an Intel E6400 and memory is OCZ Platinum Revision 2 DDR2 1066 MHz 2 GB Dual Channel (I know I'm going to need more memory/computer overhaul in the next year or so but Im only running XP 32 bit right now so I don't see it as a huge deal).... and are you saying to unhook my internet to do the live update???? i thot you needed an internet connection?
  3. sooo does anyone know the best way to go about flashing the bios with msi live update or have a good step by step so i wont screw my computer up haha
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