Lost key to OEM XP disc

I have an old PC that I want to install an equally old copy of XP on, but the problem is I lost the key that goes with this OEM disk.

Now just so this thread doesn't get closed, I want to be completely clear this is a valid OEM disk I paid for, but because I'm an idiot I recycled the old computer case that I had the sticker stuck on. The only reason I don't just buy a copy of windows 7 is because this PC I'm using is probably too old to run it anyway. I'm not even sure the software I want to use on it would work on Windows 7 either. I don't want to spend a bunch of money only to find out it doesn't work!

Is there any way I can get this key back? Am I able to call Microsoft to get it, or because its OEM is that out of the question?

And if I can't get the key, does anybody know where I can buy a legitimate copy of XP home? I have software that I want to run on this PC but it isn't Linux compatible so I need XP if I want to use it.
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  2. Sorry but I forgot to mention XP is not currently installed, all I have is the OEM disc by itself.
  3. Your OEM XP disc is just a coaster without the valid key. . . I have digital photos of my license keys in case they are damaged and cannot be read.
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