INTEL E5200 2.5GHz 800MHz LGA 775 compatibility?

can someone please tell me if a E5200 dual core will work on a Gigabyte GA-8I915P MB?
I purchased the new CPU thinking it would plop straight onto my MB and nothing seems to be happening at all. I have done everything correct as far as installation goes...even an extra spot of new thermal paste.

many thanks,
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  1. Sorry to say but it won't support.
    You will need a new mobo.
  2. thanks...I have now realised this )))-; it is a 90nm MB, chip is 45nm...anybody want to buy a brand new E5200????
  3. Don't sell it man.
    Its a good chip.
    Just buy a new mobo now or whenever you get money.
    It will be much better than your current pentium 4.
    And you won't get more than 50% of the price in which you bought it.Cuz second hand stuff sells for cheap.
  4. Here is a great little board for $43.99.

    The difference between the 5200 and your current system will be like night and day, especially when overclocked.
  5. You can get a cheap LGA775 motherboard and overclock the E5200.
  6. Zip your just such a rude pr!ck to the noobs ...

    If your not going to help them then I suggest you fcuk off smarta$$.

    Its a simple enough mistake - most people would assume the socket fits and thats all they need to know.

    Unfortunately in this case its a no go.

    My suggestion Steve is to take BadTrip's advice and grab a cheap mobo that will support the E5200 which is a good overclocker.

    Check you have DDR2 RAM in the old mobo first ... otherwise you will also need some RAM. Odds are you probably might have some DDR1 in it ... which you won't be able to use in a new mobo ... check that next and let us know.
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