Strange issue with screen resolution - HELP

Hello people, I'm having a strange issue related to screen resolution.

In every game/demo/benchmark I run, if I don't run things @ my screen's native resolution (17" = 1280x1024), the useful screen space will be reduced as well.

Example: If I run a game or any 3D app @ full screen 1280x1024, my screen will be 100% filled, but if I change resolution to, say, full screen 1024x768, it will change to that resolution, but it will also reduce the space the the image takes, with the image being in the center occupying about 70% of the screen, and black borders around the screen. It's like a simulated windowed mode or something

This is strange, because it didn't happen when I used XP.

I recently moved to Windows 7 (currently using RC1 7100 build) and I just noticed this... because even though I can play anything I want @ 1280x1024, my eyes actually grew accommodated to using 1152x864 over time. And it really bothers me that I can't have real fullscreen with anything other than my screen's native res.

Also I'm using the latest 185.81 drivers.

What can I do? Anyone else experiencing this?

I wanted to take screenshots, but apparently windows 7 doesn't like that.
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  1. If you are using an LCD that will always happen. The pixle size is static.

    You cannot have the display use half a pixle. It can only upscale the resolution if it is an even multiple of the native. (For example if teh resolution is half teh native it is possible to ahve 4 pixels on your monitor represent one in the image (all display the same thing). Otherwise you must use software upscaling which converts the image, and often introduces distortion.

    A CRT has a beam which can be focused on different parts of the monitor, you could "magnify" the image of a smaller resolution to fit the screen. This is not possible on a digital display.

    For a digital display.. there is no reason not to use the native resolution. If you don't, the problems you explin are unavoidable unless upscaling occurs, which can be software or hardware and not all that easy...
  2. Yes, I do have an LCD... but as I said before, this didn't happen with Win XP.

    With the same monitor.
  3. The 'use Nvidia scaling' option is broken in Windows 7, but it doesn't have a problem with screen shots.
  4. Mousemonkey said:
    The 'use Nvidia scaling' option is broken in Windows 7, but it doesn't have a problem with screen shots.

    It seems to be broken, it doesn't even appear in the nVidia CP.

    I meant in-game screenshots, I tried to take a couple from gameplay and I would get screenies of my desktop.
  5. I haven't tried screenies from games yet, I'll have to get back to you on that, but the scaling option does appear in my Nv CP, it just don't work.
  6. Check your OSD settings for your monitor to see if it will do it. Some have the option to allow that in the OSD. Not all do though.
    You could look into 3rd party programs that might allow you to do the scaling via the monitor. Powerstrip comes to mind, but I don't remember if it gave the user that option or not. Good Luck.
  7. Aye, merely a scalign problem.. Though merely may not be a good word if there is no solid way to upscale :). Frankly I'm not sure.. I'd imagine there will bein the drivers when 7 gets some more track time.
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