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I recently had a hard drive go bad on my computer build so I bought a new Western Digital caviar 500GB drive to install. I opened the drive plugged in the hard drive in the SATA 1 slot which is exactly where my old drive was hooked up.

When I try to install Vista it gives me no hard drive to install it to. I did some searching around and found the SATA control drivers and loaded those via the load drivers option on Vista. Still no luck. Ive tried other SATA connections on the motherboard... still no luck.

My motherboard is a gigabyte n650SLIDS4 link to it can be found here

I downloaded the SATA Raid driver when trying to install. Any ideas?

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  1. After more work Ive discovered the drive isnt detected on Windows 7 and Ubuntu as well and at this point Im really at a loss...
  2. can you use an enclosure and hook up the drive as an external one to another PC? If so, can you go in Disk management and see if it is recognized there?
  3. Is the drive detected in the BIOS?
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys.

    Ok I cleared CMOS and got nothing.
    I tried to make sure the SATA connection is pushed in and it seems to be.
    I can't find anything mlike South OnChip PCI Device anywhere in my BIOS

    As far as it showing on BIOS wherever there is not a device it shows something along the lines of IDE Device: None but there is nothing on where the hard drive is hooked up. Device : and a blank thats it. So it clearly knows something is hooked up there it just doesnt know what.
  5. Can you change the SATA cable?
  6. Ok, disabled all the IDE numbers not occupied and still nothing. There was a detect hard drive option in the BIOS that seemed to linger for quite a bit on the IDE that the hard drive is hooked up to but it didn't change anything. Ill have to dig around to see if I can find a SATA cable laying somewhere.
  7. OK new SATA cable doesnt appear to have done anything. Still have a blank where IDE Channel 2 is. Detecting hard drive still lingers there but nothing comes up... havent quite made it to the windows install yet but pretty sure it wont work.
  8. Nothing. Bad hard drive? I wish I had another system to try it out on.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys. It was a bad drive. New one came in today and had no issues at all.
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