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I want to move my Seagate 500GB Sata drive with XP on it to a new Dell 560s computer running W7. Don´t care about the XP just want it for storage and the old files and folders. Any problems I should look out for?
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  1. nope, just run it as a slave. backup the files, go into disk management, format and you should be good to go!

    gonna want to set it as a slave by setting boot priority in your BIOS. Pretty simple installation. Should be pretty straightforward.
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    Run as slave? Its sata :). But you might have to set your boot priority.
    You will have to import the disk in disk management. The only foreseable problem I can think of.
  3. Actually, if it is already formatted, you probably do not need to do anything with Disk Management. It should recognize it automatically.
  4. Should be recognised as a foriegn disk.
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