My 3-4 year old Lian Li case has a port in front (with the USB ports) that says "I394"

This is, I think, firewire. How can I tell if it is 400 or 800?

I want to get a firewire portable drive. Seagate makes one that has optional ("flex") I/O connections (USB 2, USB 3, or Firewire).

How do I know if I can use this portable HDD? Would a HDD supporting 800 also be downward compatible with 400???

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  1. Yes. It would just run slower.

    Your motherboard manual would tell you what you have.
  2. It's most likely firewire 400. The ports look different between firewire 400 & 800. A firewire 800 port is rectangular where as the 400 is sort of angled on one side.
  3. Oops. Didn't look deeply enough.


    "Compatibility with Current FireWire Products
    FireWire 800 provides two modes of transmission:

    1. The pure beta mode (a FireWire 800 device connected to a FireWire 800 port with a FireWire 800 beta cable)
    2. The backward-compatible legacy mode (a FireWire 400 device connected to a FireWire 800 port or vice versa with a FireWire 800/FireWire 400 bilingual cable)

    FireWire 400 devices use a 6-pin or 4-pin connector while FireWire 800 devices use a 9-pin connector. Existing FireWire 400 devices can be plugged into either type of port with the appropriate cable. FireWire 800 devices can achieve FireWire 800 speeds only when connected to a FireWire 800 port."

    So 400 is electrically compatible with 800 but not physically compatible.

    Sorry, maggie. :(
    Thanks, Hawkeye. :)
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