Attention Men: Be on the lookout.

Man asks police to investigate theft from girlfriend's bra

Not specific enough and logged without photos, but details here.
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  1. It could be titman, boobzilla, hooterboy, the great gazonka ... too many suspects to narrow it down.

    Forensics need to thoroughly inspect the area ... dusting it lighly for prints ... then a wet tshirt just to be sure ...

    The full 12 man forensic team needs to double check ...

    Could take days to lift a print.
  2. I wonder if she had anything to do wth it?
  3. Drive by Mammogram.....
  4. Aah badge ... we may have a new paduan.

    /polishes armadillo hat ... readjusts golden jack with many pockets.

    Tell me grasshopper ... do you truly aspire to Jesterhood?

    There are many trials ... your first is:

    Tell me the name of the character (from a book) who wears my jacket and what is the name of his love interest unrequieted?
  5. I'll have the unrequieted multiple choice option (hands back essay paper with premarked red F at the top).
  6. Hmm well well, there are several ways to interpret the question. Character from a book, this narrows the field considerably. Lets see "wears my jacket", this could be a reference to an actual coat with the symbol of a phoenix? If a phoenix is indeed what that fire red bird is.

    I feel it is more than likely the book jacket itself though. This is tough because i don't immediately recognize or associate with that particular book jacket. Most likely not a book about Reynauds disease so...

    "Love unrequieted" I am taking as a hint and not unrequited (unwanted, nonreciprocating) love.

    Asrar-i-Khudi, unrequieted love is the self......

    Confusion tactic! I have no idea what you are talking about.
  7. That thief must have had some magic hands.
  8. I'll pass along a hint ...

    He was not born of woman ... he was considered a recidivist.
  9. Alright first guess.... Bernard from "Brave new World" Born of a Decanter and his love interest was non other than Lenina (although this did change throughout the book). In the year of our Ford 632. Im also timely 13 minute response.
  10. Another hint: Science fiction character from a book.

    Google won't help you as I have avoided the key words from search strings $

    Remember ... we tech bods over 40 gave you the internetz ...

    Very good first guess I should add !!!
  11. I have failed myself and my family, I will commit suppuku with my own computer. tell the internet I loved her.
  12. Character from a series of books by Julian May ...
  13. I've never read Julian's books, but I do remember Willie who was mentioned a lot in 'Nice Guys Finish Last.' My guess is Frankie Frish. It's pronounced like 'Trish' only with the 'F' sound. So beat me down for being a scholar who has never never heard of Julian of the famous Mays family. The Say Hey kid was pretty good.

    badge I have a three stringed Phin (electric) which I restrung last night (GBE instead of EAE) and have been jamming on.

    Sweet little thing ... has a neat dragon above the machineheads with little rubies (or glass?) for eyes.

    You would like it.

    Sadly the guy who gave it to me died last year but he got a State funeral and the King of Thailand sent oil to pour over his body (the funeral was halted while these guards arrived with the stuff).

    I never realised that he was held in such high esteem.

    Just thought I might throw that one in ... true story.

    ONTOPIC: Wanamingo ... your hopes are fading padawan.
  15. I pretty much sound like this with all six strings.

    When my wife attended college in Thailand, the King personally presented her with a degree from his hand to hers. No, I had never heard of a Phin. I know some guitar teachers who surely have and would love to have one. When my wife graduated from the University of Chicago's medical school the King couldn't make it. Same when I bought my first button shirt. No holy water to be found. (holds hands together in front of forhead and bows.)
  16. Forgot to mention. When my wife was a full time faculty professor at Washington University's Pritzer School of Medicine, I believe buwish wasn't born yet. 1980-86. Of course you were about six and thinking about how your career as a croc trainer had went so wrong. Teaching crocs to play a guitar wasn't such a bright idea. It had already been done.
  17. My example was in fact true badge ...

    I would never lie about something like that ... my mum would kill me.

    Honestly I have never had much interests in crocs ... I am more of a kickboxer ... I always felt wrestling was a sport for latent er ... latents.

    By 1980 I had finished high school ... that equivalent to a couple of years at college over there for you guys.

    I had crocodile rock on 45 ... when I was 12.
  18. Same here. My father, as well as mother, despised liars and thieves. Everything I told you is true. I absolutey believe you. I had a teacher who teachs at a local college (at least he did years ago) who would love to have that Phin. The picture of my wife recieving a degree from the current King hangs in our business office. His hand to hers. So does entire walls of academic achievement degrees and awards she has earned during her career. Hang that Phin carefully.

    *The man who gave it to you was heralded by the King for his musical prowess?
  19. No he was my brother in law's wife's father ... and a high ranking public servant (all of them are monks as the King doesn't trust non-buddists).

    I have a bone from his little finger and a piece of melted ring as a momento.

    Creepy huh??

    He was a top bloke ...
  20. Well, I've been to Thailand. Good food.
  21. @ reynod: If I remember straight, your character is called something like Aiken Drum, jester king of the Many Coloured Land. The love interest could be Mercy, his Queen who still only had feelings for Nodonn (?) Battlemaster. I loved those books, now I am going to have to read them again.
  22. Quote:
    No he was my brother in law's wife's father

    Not sure about how it's done in Ozstralia, but lets see if I can break it down.

    You brother in law's wife is your sister. Your sister's father is also your father.

    - Are all three strings tuned to the same key?
  23. duffymoon well done mate !!!

    Top series of books.

    I am still halfway through the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan though.

    Badge let me tidy this up for you.

    My wife's brother (my brother in law) has a wife. Her dad is the chap in question.

    Badge I setup the Phin so the strings are (open) G B E ... just like the 4th, 5th, and 6th on a guitar. The fretboard on these is a bit funny though.

    You end up with F F# G A B C D etc ... on the E.
  24. So the first three frets play like a standard guitar fretboard on the E. Then whole steps per fret occur downward on the neck with the E string. The G and B strings are not the same whole/half/whole on the first three? Yes, I would be confused. My approach of using chord shapes is blown out of the water if not.
  25. Well to start with you can still use your regular open chord shapes ... 323 for D 002 for G 220 for A etc ... once you move down the neck a few half notes are missing.

    It sounds pretty sweet though i have a 009 on the 6th and imagine the kids will snap that in a week.

    Man the strings are cheap getting them posted from Thailand to here ... a quarter of the price.
  26. I'm thinking the sound is not only sweet, but mesmerizing. Crank up the pocket video camera and load up a youtube flick.

    -the strings you bought from Thailand are specifically for the Phin? If not you are going to have a lot of spare bronze D, A and E guitar strings. A .009 lasted Stevie Ray Vaughn halfway through a sound check of Pride and Joy.
  27. mesmerising if you can play ...

    Yes the 009's don't last long here mate.
  28. I detect a group of Blues players on a bending binge.
  29. My head hurts...
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