Print Server "Limitiations"

Hello all,

Ive been looking for info and opinions on this but not much about soooooo.....

Would everyone please tell me their opinion on a print server setup for say per 250 printers/server.

Maybe the following...

Number of CPU's
Core's per CPU
CPU Speed (Ghz)

How many printers you would install per server (obviously taking work load of said printers into account)

And if you virtualised it what would you be using by way of hardware and VM software you choose.

Kind regards.
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  1. First, I have to ask the obvious. Why so many printers!? This is more of curiosity than professional assistance but, it may help point us in the right direction. Hardware, I would look at getting several servers (low to mid-range dell SMB servers should suffice, I can elaborate after more information from you) As far as an OS goes, VMWare ESXi would be a preferable choice for your venture. It's light and should allow plenty of virtual servers to suit your needs, greatly increasing efficiency.

    I can point you toward recommend Dell units if I can have an idea of the loads your systems would be facing.
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