LCD DVI problems.

Hey guys and gals, iam having some issues getting my LCD monitor to connect through DVI. The graphic card i have is a RADEON HD 2400 PRO the driver i got is 8.600.0.0. Whenever i hook up the monitor through DVI, the screen goes into sleep mode, when i use the VGA cables it seems ok...i've tried working with the "Catalyst Control Center" but no luck, the cable iam using came with the monitor, its the first time iam working with DVI and the cable looks like it has 9 pins, fits snug into the back of the pc. Thanks for any info. Cheers.
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  1. Hey, 8.600.0.0 is the latest driver, and i also got the latest Catalyst from the website, the LCD is a 22".
  2. Yesterday i uninstalled the Catalyst Control Center and the drivers for it and i swtich the monitor to the DVI-D ports and it worked! when i re installed back the drivers the screen would only work in VGA mode, and go into sleep mode once put back into DVI-D mode, this clears up that the DVI-D port is working, but still has me so confused.
  3. The Video card has a DVI-I port and the Monitor is DVI-D. The cable that came with the monitor is a DVI-D to DVI-D but still fits snug into my video cards DVI-I port. Sorry guys im new to this whole DVI thing and have now been sorting the differences :p Ok, so if i shut down the PC and change the input to DVI-D from VGA on the monitor it works fine! it loads up etc etc but when it gets pass the windows loading (XP) and for me to enter my password the screen turns blank and goes into "Sleep Mode" i then have to change the input to VGA to get the screen back on. Could it be somthing i have to turn on in the BIOS? All drivers are up to date etc etc. Any help Plz.
  4. i already uninstalled the drivers and re installed them, same issue...
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