]Striker II Formula memory support list?

I tried asking for this on asus forum,but i guess people are a bit slow there as i was given cpu support list instead of memory. :??:
Anyway,here is the thing: can someone provide me with the memory list that Striker II Formula supports as that link on asus portal seems dont work for me. And what memory would give the best performance?
Thanks! :)
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  1. You can get the memory QVL by clicking on the Download tab, then choose XP as the OS and it'll appear as the only choice under QVL. Just get it the same way you get the manual and other files.

    No idea why the other tab doesn't work - but it's something funny with the javascript! If you can't get it, let me now and I'll upload it to my site.

    The QVL lists are generally not that helpful as they contain whatever RAM Asus happened to have on hand and tested with the board. The model numbers are often out of date or include memory really not suited to the board, with high voltage or often triple channel kits for dual channel computers, etc.

    The list shows these for 1066 and 2GB size. I assume you're looking at putting 4GB (2x2GB) in this system?

    Micron RAM is sold under the Crucial brand in the US, no idea if you can find those part numbers.

    Your system supports a max speed of 1066. And a native RAM voltage of 1.8V. Generally, you should choose RAM that runs at the max speed, has a low CL (latency) and low voltage (1.8V to 1.9V)

    So, you're looking for 1066, CL=5 and 1.8-1.9V

    Other considerations are whether you plan to overclock your system or install a cooler fan that might get in the way of taller height RAM with built-in heat spreaders.

    Good place to start is Newegg.com. Even it you don't buy there, and they are a good source, they have a well-organized shopping area. This page shows only DDR2 RAM, speed 1066 and 4GB kits.


    You can reduce the list further to show only certain CL or voltages. This is CL=5 and 1.8V
    Both of these are excellent high-quality RAM that should work fine in your system.
  2. First of all thanks for the answer!
    Basically,i am based in UK so i was looking at ocz and corsair brands as i think they are one of the better ones.
    Regarding overclocking i am not considering about it in the near future, so memory size is not a big issue for me.

    And one more question about memory timing.Most of memories have like different timmings (e.g. 5-5-5-18, etc), so what i should pay attention to before buying it?
  3. The key timing number is the 1st one, that's the basic CL. So that 5-5-5-18 can be referred to as CL=5. This is latency, lower numbers are faster/better.

    This is a OCZ module I'd recommend. It uses 1.8V, rated at 1066 speed with a CL=5, 5-5-5-18.

    As far as I know, all the major brands are available in the UK.

    Remember, I recommend you avoid any module requiring 2.1V or more. My review of Corsair 1066 modules don't show any less than 2.1V with good CL numbers.
  4. Yeah,i just noticed that most of them are 2.1+, will see what i will get, but probably will stick with your advices.

    Thanks for helping me.
  5. Glad to help.

    OCZ has a new version of their "Platinum" model that also has 1.8V but not readily available yet. Has a different part number than the 2.1V version. Might find it in UK and could be less expensive than the "Blade".
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