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Hey everyone, just wondering if I purchased the video card with twice the memory such as the GTX 275 will I get a good or nice increase in performance that's worth it. I haven't seen any vantagemark charts on the 275 yet but I know someone out there is smart about this kind of thing. Any help would be appreciated
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  1. I haven't seen many benchmarks either, but based off of what previous graphics cards have taught me, I can't imagine that the difference between a GTX 275 with 896 mb of video memory versus one with 1792 mb is that great. In the best case scenario, at resolutions that are 1920 x 1080 or beyond, I can't imagine a difference of more than 2-3 frames.


    HD 4870 1 GB vs HD 4870 2 GB

    GTX 260 896 MB vs GTX 260 1792 MB
  2. the 1792 vram will only help performance in
    -Very high resolutions
    -Shader intensive games (Crysis)
    -Very high textures (Crysis or 3D Modeling) which is why workstation cards have so much vram
    -High anti-aliasing options.
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