Currently have 1 500 GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 installed, and just recently purchased another identical HDD and an OCZ Vertex 2 (90 GB).

Wanted to know the easiest way to install the SSD as the boot drive and how to install the Spinpoints in RAID (0 or 1, not sure if 0 would be necessary due to the SSD).

I know it's a lengthy and multi-faceted question, but any help would be appreciated.
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  1. I seem to be running through the forum today asking for more details.

    What OS are you running on what kind of machine? Is the current hard drive running in IDE or AHCI mode? Your solution could go from as simple as "Copy the OS to the SSD and use the repair disk to make it bootable" to "Set the controller mode to AHCI and do a new OS install on the SSD."

    If the SSD is the boot drive, it has no effect on how you need to RAID the Spinpoints. RAID0 - bigger and faster. RAID1 - if one drive fails, you keep going. Same write speed as one disk, potentially faster reads.

    Help us narrow it down so someone doesn't have to write a small book, or point you to one! ;)
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