Asus Rampage Exteme III Intel i7-950 first time overclocker

This is my first time to ever overclock a system and I want everything to be just right... these are my specs so far....

Computer Motherboard-Asus Rampage Extreme III
Computer Processor- Intel i7-950 processor 3.8gz
Computer Memory- Triple channel 3 x 4gb 1600 Corsair Vengence Series
Hard Drives SSD- 4 x 40 g Intel ssd in Raid 0
Computer Graphic Card- EVGA 570 x 2 in SLI interface Super OverClock
Spinpoint 2 TB F4 series Hard drive by Samsung for music pics, videos
Computer Sound Card- Lexicon USB sound studio with USB 3.0 support
DVD by DVD ram Rom Super multi x 2 LG Lightscribe read write dvd x 16
Power Supply Box - Bfx Black Series 850 Watt with ONE CONTINUOUS Rail.

and all this is nice and tight in a Silverstone HTPC Case Tower with a 7 inch touchscreen on the front. Keeping in mind that these cases are small compared to full tower case... I want to know what needs to be cooled before I overclock it and what would be the best ones to buy I am only running one memory kit and that is all i will ever run.... so which cpu cooler would reallykeep my i7 cool while overclocking preferable not a watercooler... but also one that will fit. What kind of memory cooler should i get .. and most importantly do these evga 570's run hot and shouldi get and what should i get to keep them cool?
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  1. get a good cpu cooler like the Noctua NH-D14
    or the CORSAIR Hydro H70
    it's a water cooler of it's sort...but it's already all premade loop and you don't have to do any work other than setting it up like any other cooler...

    You could get some coolers for your 570's but if you're not going to overclock them much on top of what they already are then stock would be fine...
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