Can I Manually Lower Fan Speeds?

I just completed a system build with a GA-EP45-UD3P board, an Intel E8600 Core2Duo CPU, an NVidia 9800 GTx+ GPU, a Dark Knight aftermarket HSF, and 4 GB (4X1GB) of Crucial PC 6400 Ballistix memory. This is my first build with a Gigabyte MOB, and all seemed to go well with the build using these components. I've reinstalled Windows XP (32 bit) and am just reinstalling other software.

My previous build used an eVGA board based on the nVidia 680i chip, but this board recently bit the dust.
The 680i board had a feature in the bios (and with NTune if you were crazy enough to run it!) that allowed you to manually set the CPU and system fans at the desired velocity, or, to use SmartFan settings to run the fans based on temperature presets.

While I do occasionally OC this system to run Flight Simulator X and other games, I am running this computer more often for productivity purposes -- basic memo writing, presentations for work, and websurfing. So, it's nice to have the option of setting the fans down low and having a quiet system for the productivity stuff.

Is there a way I can manually set my fans at quiet settings using the bios for this Gigabyte board? If not, will a utility such as Speedfan 4.39 do the trick?

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    If your Gigabyte BIOS has been set to allow it to control the CPU and system fan speeds automatically then it should always run at low speed and respond to added needs by revving up the fans. Mine works properly on the CPU, responding to high demand by cranking up. My two case fans have their own power controls and don't use PWM controlled by the BIOS. --- Looks like your BIOS allows only the CPU fan to be "smart" controlled.

    I haven't used Speedfan because I don't need it, but I assume it works. I'd try it out and see how you like it.
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